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Torrey DeVitto: On ‘Chicago Med’, Philanthropy, Her Love of Vegan Fashion

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You are also an active philanthropist. You worked with PETA and talked about how crocodile skin is used in fashion. How did fighting for animal rights become a passion of yours?

I was testing out a new violin teacher and while we were at her house, she had this pet bird that she kept in a cage. The window near her cage had the sun beating down and a towel over the cage. Once we left her house, I was so horrified with how she mistreated the bird, even in the way she would speak to and about the animal, that I looked at my mom in the car and said, “Please mom, let’s just go back and ask her if we can have her bird since she hates it so much.”
And it worked! We knocked on her door and she happily turned the bird over to us! That was my first step towards standing for animal cruelty.

You are also a Hospice Ambassador and proclaim that it will be a life-long commitment. Why did you decide to become a volunteer and ambassador and why should others follow in your footsteps?

Hospice kind of came to me. I was in a time in my life where I needed something more. So I did a Google search to volunteer, but had no real direction. The first thing that popped up in my search was hospice. I called, signed up for training, and have been volunteering ever since. Volunteering with hospice and helping people through those last stages of life have been life-changing. It is the most gratifying and rewarding thing I have ever done. Life is one giant circle. It is just as important to help those leaving as those entering.

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