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Top Travel Packing Tips with Allure Plus Travel owner, Donna Wong

Make the world yours with ease.

At times, you may miss out on some important points before you travel. Moving away from the stressful city life naturally makes you excited. This excitement can lead to many questions in your mind before your travel. What should take with you? What’s the weather going to be like? Will it be rainy or dry, cold, snowing? Whom am I meeting or will I meet? Do you need an extra moisturizer? You can ease your nerves with this basic checklist.

Carry on Essentials Check list:

Address list and list of important contacts and numbers

Backpack, suitcase, sport bag, something to pack everything into



Pen, this is a must

Tickets and Itinerary


Travel Insurance


Typically, a great travel agent will tell you the weather forecast and share important fun facts and info about your trip. It’s always good to check fashion trends too. You will want to be comfortable and look your best.

Packing multi-use separates is the best way to maximize the most outfits. Make sure that each item can be worn at least two ways.

You can recycle all those little make up bags or pouches you receive as gifts to organize your electronic cords, toiletries and jewelry for when you are traveling.


While it is a good idea to take some small gifts with you while travelling, pre-wrapping them can be a waste of time if you are flying and your bags are opened. Leave the items unwrapped.

Roll Technique

Somehow it seems that bags will hold more if the clothes are rolled rather than folded. If you roll in tissue paper or the dry cleaners plastic wrap, the clothes will also be less wrinkled.

Luggage Lowdown

It’s not a smart idea to buy designer luggage, It will get stolen. But don’t buy a cheap bag either; you’ll just have to replace it when it busts in a month. When buying luggage, color and style count for something, but above all, your luggage should be durable and practical and functional.

Fortunately, suitcases with wheels are now the norm, saving travelers’ backs and shoulders from the strain of heavy bags.


Suitcase lovers

For those using suitcases without a divider. A piece of cardboard makes an excellent divider and helps keep your clothes organize as you are able to lay them out flat on the cardboard. It also makes airport inspections a lot less of a hassle as you can lift out your divider with clothes on top easily.

Remember, black suitcases are the most popular, so if you’re checking yours consider using a colorful luggage tag to set your bag apart. Be sure you have a contact number on each piece of your luggage.

Another great tip when you check in your luggage ask for a FRAGILE sticker, this will not only have your luggage on the top pile it will definitely stand out.


Feel VIP with Global Entry

Waiting a long line at checkpoint kills your time. You could already get your baggage and start your day. U.S. Customs and Border Protection gives your time back with the program of ”Global Entry”

How does the program work?

Global Entry allows you to expedite clearance with CBP kiosks. Once you are pre-approved for Global Entry program, you can directly pass to baggage claim and the exit upon arrival in the United States. All you need is your passport and finger print scan to verify your clearance at Global Entry Kiosks.

For the more benefits and application for your U.S. Customs and Border Protection(CBP) Trusted Traveler Programs visit this website.

Airport Security:

Reconsider your carry on, after the terrorist attempt on the US plane some airlines are restricting or limiting the size and amount of carry on bag. Check your airlines website for latest info.

Don’t arrive to early- showing up to early only backs up the earlier flights.

Stick to the suggested arrival time.

With stricter searching on carry-ons everything from electronics, toothpastes, jewelry to magnets can set off security alarms, bring only the essentials with you.

Liquid regulation .Æ isn’t going away any time soon airline passengers can’t bring liquids or gels aboard in amounts larger than three ounces. Anything runny or gooey or drinkable .¨ bottled water, mousse, Jell-O .¨ counts. If you show up at the airport with larger quantities of such items, you’ll have to either stow them in your checked luggage or disgard them in a bin at the security checkpoint. (Half-full larger containers, like rolled-up tubes of toothpaste and near-empty bottles of moisturizer, won’t fly either; the container itself can’t exceed a 3-ounce capacity.)

Wearing a slip on shoe or tennis shoes are ideal to wear to the airport adding comfort as well.

And remember, what you forget you can buy.

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Donna Wong

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