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The Top Romantic, Luxury Vegan Restaurants

It’s that time of year again. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you’ll need to find a way to show your partner how much you love them. Need some ideas? How about taking them out to an amazing restaurant? There’s plenty of amazing vegan restaurants out there that will tickle your taste buds and impress your lover, all while being cruelty-free. Here are some of the best ones out there to whet your appetite.

Gracias Madre, San Francisco: This restaurant was born out of a real and deep love for real food. Starting out making Mexican food for another establishment, the owners went out to create a vegan restaurant that really nails the taste and feel of real Mexican cuisine. Try their crabless cakes, or their vegan BLT wrap.

Candle 79, New York: If you and your beloved are into your comfort food, this is the place to be. You’re bound to leave this restaurant feeling full and satisfied, having enjoyed a romantic meal. Candle 79 pride themselves on their compassion for animals, and look to source all their food from farm to table.

Watercourse Foods, Denver: This vegan hotspot has won over all kinds of people in Colorado, not just vegans. Why not go for a Valentine’s Day brunch? They serve tasty breakfast wraps and pancakes, and you can get a cocktail to really kick off the day in style.

Millennium, California: This restaurant has been serving the vegan community since 1994, and has won numerous awards for their fantastic menus. They change regularly, so make sure you try out everything before it disappears for good.

Dirt Candy, New York City: This hip diner’s tagline is ‘anyone can cook a hamburger, leave vegetables to the professionals.’ They think of veggies as ‘candy from the earth’, and you can taste the respect they have for their food in every bite. Their Korean Fried Broccoli is famous all over the city, you’ve got to try it.

Crossroads, Los Angeles: There’s plenty of choice when it comes to vegan dining in Los Angeles, but you’ve got to check out Crossroads. Their decor is sleek and exquisite, perfect if you’re looking for a more luxurious affair for you and your loved one.

Counter Culture, Texas: Think you can’t get vegan food in the heart of barbecue land? Think again. This fantastic eatery is hosting a six-course prix fixed menu on Valentine’s Day, so take advantage and eat somewhere that little bit different.

The Gothic, Maine: This fine dining destination is situated in a beautiful 19th-century red brick building, and serves vegan and raw dishes. The menu is always being switched up, so you know you’ll get something different every time you go.

Greens, San Francisco: This restaurant is responsible for showing the world that vegan cooking isn’t all tofu and bland food. Their chefs are always tinkering, so there’s bound to be something exciting on the menu come Valentine’s Day.

Make a rez today and treat your beloved to some of the best vegan food out there!




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