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Top Makeup Hacks for Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are irritating – there’s just no other way to put it really. If you aren’t familiar with this term, it’s essentially when you have an extra fold of skin covering the crease in your eyelid. The crease makes your eye look smaller than it is, and as we all know, larger eyes are more feminine. They say that your eyes are the window to your soul, and whether that’s true or not is irrelevant – you need to make sure that yours are front and center for every occasion, but how? We’ve come up with a few handy makeup hacks that will help you to get the desire affect and bring your eye game back to where it should be. Let’s go over a few cool hacks and get you your self confidence back.

Stick to Smudge Proof Eyeliner/Mascara

We don’t meant to tell you how to live your life but if you have hooded eyes then you probably know that a single blink can send your mascara into a spiral of complete and utter chaos, which isn’t something you want to deal with right after you apply it. You know as well as we do that foundation is easy, primer is easy, powder is easy, but when you finally get around to applying mascara you’re going to need the hands of a surgeon to apply it properly.

You don’t want that wand to touch the bridge of your nose and one little slip will have you reaching for the wet wipes. Getting back on topic, smudge proof mascara and eyeliner so that blinking doesn’t ruin your entire makeup job.

Walk the Tight-Line

If you really want to be effective, try apply your eyeliner right on your waterline. Yes, right next to your eyeball. Sure, it might seem a little scary, and you want to take care not to slip, but as they say, practice make perfect.

Use Bold Colors

Your eye makeup needs to stand out, plain and simple. If you can’t seem to get it to stand out then maybe it’s time to up the color game. One of the biggest mistakes I make is trying to stick to more conservative, earthy colors like brown or tan, but honestly, sometimes you really have to stick it all out there. Try picking something a little more dramatic like blue, or even pink. If you’re having trouble making a decision and don’t want to blow a lot of money, you can pick up cheaper eye shadows to experiment and figure out what you really want to look like.

Do Some Blending Above the Crease

The last tip we’re going to throw out there is blending above the crease. There is nothing worse than spending half an hour in front of the mirror, blending all of your eye shadow, and then having it disappear the moment you open your eyes. Yep, it’s frustrating, but you can solve it by extending the eye shadow above the eyelid crease, all the way to the brow bone. Just try not to take it too far and do make sure you blend.

Having hooded eyes doesn’t automatically disqualify you from looking beautiful! Take these tips to heart, use them, and find your own hacks .¨ you’ve got this.

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