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Top Ideas On How to Spice Up Your Love Life in 4 Easy Steps

When you first meet someone new and you guys hit it off, a fulfilling love life seems to come naturally. However, as things progress and you find yourself doing the same old things, it can start feeling a bit stale and overly predictable. This is something many couples struggle with, especially once they start living together. The good news is, there are 4 easy steps you can take to spice up your love life and get that spark back.

1. Get New Toys

It’s easy to tell someone to simply get creative and good things will come – but that might be a bit too vague to be considered practical advice. Instead, consider looking at different toys with your partner and decide on which ones you’d like to try and incorporate into your love life. Whether you’re interested in tight fleshlights, clamps, handcuffs, or anything else – there are a lot of high-quality toys out there that won’t break the bank and that can provide a great next experience both for you and your partner. It’s a fun way to rediscover your preferences, and maybe even find out something new about each other.

2. Communicate More

As the spark fades, it can start to feel like you’re not on the same page about what turns you on, either because you’ve stopped talking about it or because your partner has something in mind but hasn’t mentioned it. Sometimes, one person might even be thinking about doing something without knowing if their partner would be willing to do it with them, so they hide it in order to avoid an awkward situation. However, establishing and maintaining healthy communication with your partner can go a long way when it comes to having a satisfying love life. Ask them what their fantasies are, and share yours as well. You can even take online quizzes, or go through different articles, lists, and pictures and comment on them together. Of course, not every fantasy needs to be acted out, but just talking about them with your partner can bring that excitement back in full force.

3. Set The Mood

Once you have your new toys and you’ve talked with your partner about what you both like and dislike, as well as what you’d want to try, it’s time to create an inviting scene. Depending on what you’re going for, you can set the mood by lighting some candles and turning on some romantic tunes. On the other hand, you don’t need to do anything overly specific – simply do things that will make you feel wanted, state your intentions clearly, and start having fun. It can be as serious or as playful as you want it to be – a scene could simply mean dimming down the lights and hugging your partner in a sensual way.

4. Push Your Boundaries

Exploring the things you and your partner like is important. That said, if you’ve been together for a while now, you probably already know what gets you both going, and have a comfortable routine of sorts. This is an important thing to have, although it can get a bit boring sometimes. If you’re faced with a situation like this, consider building on the things you guys already like to do. Of course, discussing this with your partner is important – you don’t want to cross any hard limits, but taking it one step at a time, and pushing some boundaries in a safe and consensual way can make it seem like you’re trying something completely new, even if it’s just a variation of the things you already know and love.

Spicing up your love life isn’t something that’s hard to do – as long as you get the toys and equipment you need, communicate, make an effort into creating the right mood, and are open and respectful about exploring new boundaries, you’ll get that spark back in no time. Remember to always check in with your partner when trying something new, and that a new experience is always something that can bring you both even closer when done right.

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