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Top Engagement Ring Trends For 2023

Fashion trends typically have a short lifespan, but an engagement ring is meant to last. 

Picking the perfect ring to pop the question in 2023 requires proper preparation. Before reaching your partner’s left ring finger, ensure your precious band represents your partner’s preferences, style, and quirks. 

These considerations aside, you’d also want to check out some engagement ring trends that symbolize this year’s most-coveted pieces. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds 

The call for sustainable and ethical practices has reached the jewelry sector. As such, buyers are shunning ‘blood diamonds’ and are snagging lab-grown diamonds instead. These manufactured beauties have been on the market for years. Yet its popularity continues to soar even in 2023 for numerous reasons.

Lab-grown diamonds can be crafted to possess the same aesthetic and physical properties as mined diamonds. As such, there’s no difference in their appearance, with some lab-grown gems looking more flawless than their mined counterparts. 

Besides being sustainable and guilt-free, these sparklers can save couples up to 60%, depending on the clarity, cut, carat weight, and color. Consider these elegant princess-cut diamond engagement ring pieces made with lab-grown diamonds to start your 2023 engagement ring-buying journey! 


Since engagement rings are meant to last, some are used as family heirlooms. Brides-to-be are often gifted with their fiancé’s mother or grandmother’s ring to formalize acceptance to the family. And an engagement ring with a rich backstory is more interesting and meaningful than mass-produced pieces.   

However, uniqueness is always the overarching theme for engagement rings. Some couples may decide to alter or add some parts to make it more apt for modern times. 

Alternatively, you can ask your jeweler to design a vintage-modern ring by choosing an art deco design or encrusting old mine cut gems as a centerpiece. These old but not so forgotten cuts were made to appear thicker than the usual round cuts and purposefully designed to show their luster under low-light settings. 

Old mine cushion cut diamonds are great at hiding impurities but have a better fire than other vintage cuts. More couples in 2023 are inclined to use vintage-inspired rings for a timeless and romantic look. It’s a ring style for those who love to spruce up classic designs.      

Colorful Gemstones

According to fashion experts, cobalt blue and red will likely dominate the runways and streets in 2023. This trend is expected to make its way into the jewelry scene, with more engagement rings featuring a pop of color.

Besides, younger consumers often love to break tradition. Pairing lab-grown or mined diamonds with colored semi-precious stones or choosing the latter as a center gem, as the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton did, is an increasing trend for 2023 and beyond.

Every consumer in touch with their spirituality would know that each gemstone represents a significant meaning. Diamonds symbolize eternal love and can be paired with rubies to represent intense passion or sapphires to signal loyalty.  

Non-Traditional Rings

Some couples aren’t afraid to completely turn their backs on tradition. From wearing colorful dresses to having an unconventional wedding theme, unique couples know how to rock the boat.

Unconventional Bands  

Unlike decades ago, future spouses planning to get hitched soon have more ring choices. For instance, instead of using the popular yellow, white, and rose gold bands, they’re free to use any other type of material.

Some may use palladium, tungsten-carbide, and non-metals like leather, enamel, and wood. Wooden wedding rings are said to be a symbol of growth, life, and strength. They’re also meant to last decades with great craftsmanship and proper care. 

Statement Rings  

We’re not just talking about exquisite engagement ring pieces that can spark conversation. We’re referring to engagement rings with couples’ messages as inscriptions.

In the tradition of wedding rings, the couple typically engraves their names and the wedding date on opposite sides of each ring. Fortunately, there are no such rules concerning engagement rings, so couples can use their imagination. As a result, many modern couples use heartfelt ring inscriptions along the band to express their feelings to their future spouses.  

Unusual Ring Settings

Most women who’ve been proposed to are undoubtedly rocking a solitaire-designed ring. But younger shoppers seek to express their individuality by experimenting with different layouts and designs. As such, the engagement ring trends will see more spouses-to-be using the following: 

  • Bezel Setting: With a band that covers the whole gem, it’s perfect for people who work with their hands.
  • East-to-west Setting: This fun yet classic design places emerald, marquis, or pear-shaped diamonds and centerpiece stones horizontally instead of vertically.    
  • Pear and Oval Center Stones: These shapes make the fingers look better, and more celebs choose them over round cuts.   

Breaking tradition goes along with their choice of wedding rings, too. Some couples are opting for tattoo rings instead of physical bands.  

Concluding Thoughts 

Gifting your fiancé a bespoke engagement band depends on several considerations. But here’s one suggestion we wish you’d take: You can never go wrong choosing the piece that speaks best to your fiancé and your relationship. It’s the value that you put into the ring that matters most. 

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