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Top Carry-On Travel Essentials For Air Travel

When you have a long-haul flight or you are stuck in departures for hours, sometimes it can be difficult to keep yourself entertained while you wait. As you’re allowed to take carry-on luggage with you, this is a great opportunity for you to take some entertainment and travel essentials with you on your flight. There are many items you can take with you that can not only minimise your travel stress, but can help keep you entertained and comfortable on your next adventure trip. Whether you are travelling to your favourite city or you are checking out one of Airbnb’s top travel destinations for 2020, these are just some essential carry-on items that you might find useful.

Travel Pillow

One of the best travel essentials that can help you prepare for air travel this year are travel pillows. While you might think travel pillows are overhyped or unnecessary, you don’t know what you are missing until you use one. By investing in a travel pillow that is portable and comfortable, you will be able to rest peacefully on a plane for both long and short flights. This carry-on item can be especially useful when you are on a long flight, if your seating position is uncomfortable. To help make your flight more comfortable, a travel pillow can help you relax on your flight. 

Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you are stuck in a busy airport or you are on a loud flight, it can be useful to invest in a quality pair of noise-cancelling headphones. These types of headphones are great to take with you in your carry on to make your travel peaceful and relaxing. Whether you are sat next to loud passengers or near crying babies, noise-cancelling technology can be perfect to help drown out the noise. You will be able to enjoy peace and quiet throughout the trip whether you are looking to catch some sleep or simply enjoy your entertainment in peace.

Tablet or Laptop

To help pass journey time on your travels, you will want to bring some form of entertainment with you. Taking devices like a tablet or a laptop can provide you with hours of entertainment when they are fully charged. When you are waiting for your plane in departures, there are many ways that you can keep entertained with your laptop. There are many blogs, news articles and online casinos that you can check out on your laptop while you are waiting for your flight. Not only can you also watch movies and play games on these devices but you can even get some work done on your flight too. 

Anti-Bacterial Gel/Hand Wipes

While it might seem unnecessary, one useful item that you can take with you in your carry-on are anti-bacterial gel or hand wipes. When you’re eating on your flight or you are using airport restrooms, hand wipes are useful to use when there’s nothing else to freshen up with. When travelling with many other passengers, there can be a lot of colds and illness about too. Keeping your carry-on bag stocked with anti-bacterial gel or hand wipes can help you stay clean and hygienic when travelling to your destination.

Travel Wallet

Lastly, another useful carry-on essential to take with you on your flight is a travel wallet. Travel wallets are a great item to use to help your travel much less stressful. They can help to keep all your important items and documents together so that you don’t lose anything in the bottom of your bag. You can use a travel wallet to help store all your important travel documents, your passport, credit cards, and any other items you might need. Having everything conveniently stored in the same wallet will make your trip as stress-free as possible.


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