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Top American Brands Will Soon Be Available in India via Amazon

There are thousands of brands in America that we Americans take for granted. We have plenty of brick and mortar stores of our favorite brands AND we can order directly or from 3rd party dealers online, and have for some time. India, however, has not caught up with the times, at least when it comes to importing our brands. Even online, many American brands have restrictions which means they cannot sell to anyone living in India. But now, due to the absence of online regulations, brands are finding a loop hole to sell to Indian customers via 3rd party dealers like Amazon.

Just this month, Amazon has signed exclusive deals with Bjorn Borg, Drunknmunky, Replay, and Rockland; they will sell those brands exclusively in India. You can also expect to see Aeropostale popping up soon.

The number of brands on Amazon has more than doubled in the past six months alone, providing Indians with more than 2 million fashion products. Brands already available include Calvin Klein, Steve Madden, Fossil, Desigual, Quicksilver, Roxy, The Hub, and more.

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