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Top 9 Eco-Friendly Workout Items to Help Reduce Your Impact

If you’re interested in an eco-friendly lifestyle, it’s not always about making big changes to your lifestyle. It’s just as important to switch to a reusable bottle and an eco-friendly deodorant than it is to compost or buy a hybrid car.

Here are 8 eco-friendly products that can help you achieve your workout goals.

  1. Amari’s Edo Bra

The Edo bra is not only perfect for a workout thanks to its great bounce-proof qualities, but it’s also a wonderful eco-friendly option made of 84 percent recycled polyester.

  1. Lush The Greeench Deodorant

If you’re looking for an aluminum-free deodorant, then look no further. Lush’s metals-free powdered deodorant has received high marks from testers thanks to its lasting impact and a soft finish.

  1. Alternative Apparel’s Eco-Fleece Workout Top & Bottom

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The outfit is made of recycled polyester and organic cotton, which makes it perfect not only for when you’re going to the gym, but also when you’re heading out to jog.

  1. Patagonia Yulex Wetsuit

Almost all wetsuits are made of the synthetic rubber neoprene, but this one from Patagonia is the exception. The Yulex is made of natural rubber with recycled polyester lining, and it has the certification by the Rainforest Alliance. It’s the best item for surfer girls.

  1. Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block

Instead of using a yoga mat made from plastic, you can use one made of cork! This one from Hugger Mugger is made from sustainable cork sources.

  1. CAP Cast Iron Barbell Set

There are tons of weights made of plastics or covered in neoprene, but these ones are cast iron, which is way more environmentally friendly.

  1. Stay Sixty’s Water Bottle

Forget about the plastic water bottles. If you don’t wish to recycle your old ones from home and want to get something new then Stay Sixty’s stainless steel and rubberized paint bottles are the ones that you should get.

  1. EKO Yoga Mat

These mats are pretty popular and for good reason. These ones have no PVC, are 99 percent latex free, are made from biodegradable natural tree rubber, and are made with only 100% non-toxic dyes.

  1. Girlfriend Collective Workout Clothes

Eco-Fashion is in and so is this outfit; Girlfriend Collective’s workout combo is made of recycled plastic bottles, constructed with 79 percent recycled PET.

With all of these fun eco-friendly options, you can take care of both your body and the environment!

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