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Top 5 Tips To Measure Your Engagement Ring Size

So, you are well-prepared to propose to the love of your life, well, congratulations! 

With the right location, lighting, and perfect ambiance, you have prepared the best of everything to impress your better half. However, along with all these things, one thing that matters the most is the perfect engagement ring. 

No matter how perfectly you have arranged everything, it could spoil everything if you don’t have the right ring. Also, the size of the ring matters the most. The precise ring size ensures that it fits your girl like a charm. 

Notwithstanding, finding the correct ring size is a woeful errand. With the expanding precious stone value, it is incredibly essential to know the ring’s appropriate size. Check the 3 carat diamond price here. Regardless of whether you are proposing the woman, or need to gift an excellent precious stone ring, realizing the correct size is fundamental if you would prefer not to ruin the planned surprise. 

Additionally, suppose you are getting yourself a beautiful ring from online stores. In that case, you should know your size if you wish to save yourself from the headache of returning the expensive diamond ring. 

So, if you are facing an identical problem of how you will locate the correct size, you are in the ideal spot. We have delivered the best five tips to gauge the engagement band size.

Go To The Jeweler To Get The Ring Measured.        

 Heading off to the diamond setter for the ring size is the most effective technique for getting the ideal size ring. The goldsmith will utilize the ring sizer to locate the size that fits the best. Nonetheless, if you take her to the gem retailer, it will demolish the component of surprise. Thus, if it’s not too much trouble, take one of her rings to the gem dealer and estimate it.

Ensure that the ring you took is the one she regularly wears on a ring finger and not on any other finger. 

Here’s another fact. The left ring finger of a right-handed person is commonly smaller. And, the right ring finger is generally thinner for a left-handed person. 

So, keep this thing in mind and let your jeweler know about your lady’s dominant hand and on which finger does she wear the ring. 

Please Make Use Of A Ring From Her Jewelry Collection. 

It is one more method you can attempt to know the size of the ring. Acquire an old ring from her adornments collection and take it to the gem dealer to learn the correct size. This strategy will possibly work if she doesn’t see the missing ring from her assortment. 

If you have no time and cannot go to the gem dealer, you have to gauge the ring rapidly if she removes the ring without her seeing you doing that. 

Presently, you have to squeeze one of her favored rings into a soap bar until it establishes an impression. In any case, after this, you have to eliminate any buildup on the jewel ring, so she doesn’t get dubious. Now, you can get carry the soap to the shop to decide the real size.

Ask A Confident About Your Girl’s Size. 

If you wish the proposal to be a real surprise and don’t want to give any indications of what you are planning, make sure to ask a confidant about the size of your girl’s ring finger. 

He/ She can be her closest companion, her sister, or her mother. They can endow you with a perfect idea of what her ring size is. If not, they can assist you in determining her ring size without her presuming a thing. Give them an idea of going for jewelry shopping with her to get her perfect size. 

However, if you are using this method, make sure to go a trustworthy person who can keep secrets. It would ruin the surprise if your better half already knew what’s going on in your mind. 

Paper And Pencil Method 

Like the soap technique, you can even utilize paper and pencil to decide the ring’s size. For this, you need to keep the ring on the paper sheet and follow the ring’s inward side with a pencil’s assistance. 

After it, take the paper to the gems store, and they will accomplish further work themselves. It is even a phenomenal method of deciding the size of the ring.

Refrain Using A Paper Or String To Measure The Ring Size 

While determining the ring size, you have heard of utilizing string and paper to quantify it. In this method, you have a take a bit of thread or piece of paper and wrap it around the wearer’s finger and then compare the sizes. 

Nonetheless, this is anything but a demonstrated strategy. It is because the string can stretch, and one can rapidly crush the paper. Temperature and dampness additionally significantly affect the proficiency of this technique. 

Further, the ring should pass the knuckle, and with this technique, you cannot get the precise size. Along these lines, never tragically use a string or paper to decide the size of the off chance you need to be a surprise. It would demolish the wonder if you needed to push the ring firmly down the knuckle.


Rings have always symbolized love and devotion. The ring’s circular shape denotes that a wedding ring has no end, which resembles the eternal love between two people. 

Given the ring’s importance, it is necessary to have the correct size to pass on the proper significance to the individual getting the precious stone ring. 

In this way, remember the above tips before you go to a goldsmith to purchase the ring. Numerous individuals wrongly guess the size of the ring. Even though this is a severe mainstream technique, it scarcely gives you the correct size. 

If you still think you don’t know the right size, get a size bigger than usual as it is simpler to eliminate the additional metal from the jewel ring than adding metal to the ring. Presently you realize how to decide the ring size, begin setting up that executed proposal, and charm your young lady.

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