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The Top 5 Benefits of Hot Yoga

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  1. Spiritual Awareness

Being more at peace with your day-to-day life and having a gratitude for yourself can only lead to a deeper spiritual awareness. Understanding breath and body helps create the knowledge that we are all one.

  1. Breath

Most people don’t realize how shallow their breath can be. Having shallow breath not only makes you weaker, but it makes you less focused. Shallow breath can easily lead to more serious issues such as anxiety, as well. Because of the temperature in hot yoga, you are forced to breathe deeper.

Rachael was most changed by hot yoga by how it affected her breath. “Outside of the yoga room, my breath has now become deeper, which allows me to process before I respond in certain work or social situations. Breath is everything. It’s our life force! Yoga is the union of your breath to your body.”

Morning Yoga Poses to Set Your Intention for the Day Ahead tree pose

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There are many misconceptions as to what hot yoga is, and Rachael is encouraging everyone to put aside their judgments about it and give it a try for themselves.

“Two of the top misconceptions are that 1) you have to be flexible, and 2) you have to be good in the heat. The flexibility will come with time, and the heat factor is all mental.”

We hope you can get inspired by the benefits of the practice and hope to see you on your mat soon.


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