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Top 4 Hairdos For A Fun Night Out or In

One of the main problems we women tend to have in daily life is our hair. Very often it’s a lack of time, ideas, or inspiration that prevent us from creating a quick and stylish hairdo that can nicely complete our outfit – while not taking up a few hours to create. The perfect hairdo is preferably something we can throw together, quickly and easily when needed, and it should be something that looks great for any occasion- whether we are attending a fancy event, going to school, or going out on a first date.

If you are looking for some fast and easy styling ideas to match your makeup, accessories, and clothes, then these following tips might prove to be helpful.

#1: The Sleek Hairdo

If you are obsessed with the super-straight, sleek, frizz-free hair looks, or you are aiming for something more relaxed but gorgeous either way, the many different sleek hairdos out there can come to the rescue. With or without extensions, on short or long hair, these hairdos are excellent for all women – and also on second and third-day hair. From Bella Hadid to Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian, pretty much everyone in showbiz has rocked at least one of these sleek styles.

How to: Slicked down, half-up, ponytail or a top-knot wrap, there is no telling what you might end up loving.

#2: The Ponytail

ponytail hairstyle
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Photo By @justinenarjan/Instagram

The ponytail look is extremely sexy and just what you need for a fun night out with the girls, attending a bachelorette party, visiting a fancy casino or having some fun with your coworkers in Sin City on your boss’ expense (who wouldn’t like a boss like that?). But we agree, there are nights when the thought of getting dressed up and having an entire hairdo done makes you tired. Rest assured, there’s nothing in Vegas, you can’t find online, so bring out your favorite snack and stay in your comfy clothes.

How to: Start by making a small ponytail and use a 3-clip weft to clip the ponytails in and wrap it around the fresh ponytail. Use a second weft to add even more volume. Clip this weft on top of the first one, then use a 2-clip weft, clipping it around the ponytail like before. Gather all the remaining hairs on all sides of the ponytail and carefully comb it, then use a 1-clip weft at the base of the ponytail. Wrap all the frizzy hair around the ponytail and make sure the elastic is not visible. Use a bobby pin to secure the hair. Use plenty of hairspray on the front of your head and make sure to get rid of any hair you might have missed.

#3: The Strong Wave Hairdo

If you already have naturally wavy hair, this hairdo is perfect for you. If your hair is straight, don’t worry, you can still pull this off.

How to: All you need to do is sleep with damp hair and use chunky raids, then rely on some quality spray to add more texture. You can also add a flat iron together with heat protectant. Simply wrap your hair around the iron, pass it through the plates, then clamp and slide it. Use your fingers to naturally separate your waves and add some texture using some spray.

#4: Modern Messy Bun Hairdo

Chic Bun Hairstyles That Require No Energy 8
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Photo By @hairbyyuichi/Instagram

Suitable for a night out as well as a lazy night in doing a movie marathon on Netflix. Aim for a messy ballerina bun look, especially if you are dealing with some incredibly knotted hair and you don’t have any time to spare on it or you are simply not in the mood for something complicated.

How to: Brush your hair a little, tie it in a high ponytail then slip your favorite headband over the hair at approximately one inch away from the hairline. Next, twist your hair into a bun and use at least 5 or 6 bobby pins to secure the edges. Use a pencil or the end of the comb and run it through hair’s crown, then wiggle it a little and tug some more hair for extra volume.

With these four ideas you will forever say goodbye to a bad hair day!


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