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Top 3 Ideas for Bachelorette Parties

So your best friend is getting married and you simply cannot figure out what you can do for her that will make these last few months, weeks or even days as a single woman unforgettable.

Worry not, this is quite a common problem that every bride-to-be’s friend comes across. There’s just so much to choose from it becomes almost impossible to make a definitive choice. That’s just human nature, you know? The more there is, the harder it is to differentiate the good from the bad.

In this article, I’d like to list three of the most common bachelorette parties, all with their own goals and memorable moments which will follow the new wife into her married life.

Let’s begin!

Go camping!

Planning a wedding is extremely stressful, especially for the bride as she’s the one usually worrying about the aesthetics, while the groom focuses on negotiating for the location and the general theme of the wedding.

This is not something that’s always the case though. Sometimes it’s the bride herself that does all the planning, while the groom just relaxes.

Regardless of how your friend has it going for her, she’s bound to be very stressed. Taking a week with the girls in a nice quiet area, with lots of greenery and nature would most definitely calm her down.

Bring some drinks, snacks, sweets and musical instruments with you so that you have an even better time together.

But, make sure that you’re not going too far from civilization, a week in nature could get a bit boring. Best go for a nearby lake that’s surrounded by greenery and has a small lodge nearby.

With the scent of fresh air, the calmness of nature, and the relaxation of swimming in pure water, the bride is definitely going to go back to the groom a completely different person, with much more energy, enthusiasm, and passion.

But make sure that she’s okay with going outside of densely civilized locations. Not everybody likes camping.

Hit the casino!

The next best place for almost unlimited entertainment is the nearest casino. However, if you’re in the United States, it may be best to just take the long road trip to Nevada depending on where you live and just have a blast in Las Vegas.

The city is full of luxurious hotels with a VIP casino right at their entrance. The city is mesmerizing at night and always provides a great opportunity to have some real fun.

Make sure that everybody is on-board here as well, as not everyone likes gambling, even if it’s just recreational. There are some people who are extremely stoic regarding this type of entertainment, but it will mostly be friends so you’ll be aware beforehand.

However, should everybody be OK with the decision, it will be time to decide on what you will do at the Casino.

The best way to go about it is finding a VIP room, where only you girls will have the opportunity to play against each other. This could lead to a lot of laughs, comedy, teasing and overall memorable moments.

All in all, try to keep the gambling to as much of a minimum as possible. The less you bet the more bets you’ll be able to make in the long run, and at that moment, it’s the thrill of gambling that will give you the fun you seek and not the winnings that you may think are the center of attention.

Overall, the folks in the US have a much better opportunity to have fun playing casino games just because a whole city is designed for it. But don’t watch the Hangover before you go. You don’t want any anxiety while you’re there, do you?

Visit a foreign country

Now, this may be a bit pricey, but it will largely depend on which country you will choose. If you go for a resort in the pacific, then yes, it may cost you a fortune, but if you take a nice Spa hotel somewhere in the Mediterranean, it could be one of the most unforgettable experiences you can have with your friends.

Countries like Italy, Spain, Greece or Morocco could be amazing places to spend your time. Not only will it be something educational for all of you, if you haven’t been to these countries, it will also be extremely relaxing depending on which hotel you choose to stay at.

Furthermore, it will be great experience for the bride herself, if she hadn’t been outside of the country before. Why would it be a great experience? Because honeymoons are usually spent abroad.

Overall, going to the Mediterranean would expose you to a lot of relaxation, entertainment, education and some of the best food you can get your hands on in modern history.

And why not add to the fun and take a cruise in the sea? Things are so much cheaper when compared to pacific resorts.

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