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Top 10 Most Glamorous Women of All Time

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Glamour in the dictionary is defined as a magical spell. It is also described as an alluring or fascinating attraction.
In a nutshell, glamour has been helping women fascinate the opposite sex since the beginning of time.
No wonder their classic style inspires women around the world till today. Everyone from Lana Del Ray, Christina Aquilera, Adele, Madonna. You can even see Beyonce sporting the Brigitte Bardot style quite often. Here are twelve
women that each used their glamour to define society’s perception of beauty and femininity.

  1. Brigitte Bardot

This French actress, singer and model personified sensuality with her pouty lips and kitten-ish appeal.

She became an international sensation in the 1950’s – 1970’s with the film
And God Created Woman.
Now an animal rights activist, she founded the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals.


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