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Top 10 Most Amazing Beaches In Costa Rica

There are lots of amazing beaches in the world which can truly take your breath away. These beaches in Costa Rica are the perfect summer destination and the best place to go if you just want to feel happy and relaxed. It has also been proven that going to the beach helps make your mental and physical health become better.

Imagine the calming sound of the waves crashing the beautiful shore, the wonderful smell of the sea breeze and the silky sand. It can truly be a getaway for some who would like to take a vacation with family or friends. If you are wondering which place to go to experience the wonders of the beach, then Costa Rica’s astonishing beaches
are the perfect destinations to consider.

One of Costa Rica’s amazing beaches is Playa Manuel Antonio. There are tons of activities in this small Pacific Coast oceanside village. You can surf, and go paddle boarding, or scuba diving. They also offer Eco Tours if you would like to visit their national parks. This place is truly a paradise.

Nosara Beach is also one of the favorites. Aside from fantastic surfing and windsurfing, vacationers can also check out Nosara Wildlife Sanctuary where wild animals are given medical care if they are injured. They also take good care of orphans and newborn animals.

Below is an infographic where you can see 10 of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. This will help you decide which beach is the perfect fit for you so you could plan your getaway.


top-beaches-costa-rica-inforgraphic, 10 Top Beaches in Costa Rica
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