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Tone It Up’s Karena and Katrina: Top Moves To Sculpt Your Abs & Rev Your Metabolism

Karena and Katrina are here to help the VIVA GLAM readers stay fit this year!

Guest Contributors: Tone It Up’s Karena and Katrina

With a New Year comes new intentions
.Æ new chances to set goals and reach them with a renewed sense of strength. Join us and the entire Tone It Up Team for the Love Your Body Series. This is a health, fitness, and lifestyle series that helps you become your best, most confident self and connects you with thousands of like-minded, inspiring women. Download your FREE starter pack here for slimming recipes, fitness advice, and TONS of inspo ~ plus all the deets on the series!

Today, we’re sharing a workout to sculpt and tone your gorgeous waistline. Best part… it’s equipment free! So you can stop, drop, and tone your core whenever, wherever! We’re challenging you to 42 reps per move ~ you can split them up however you like, just get ’em done!

Go through 42 reps of each move, one round!

Tuck Jumps

Tones your lower abs and revs your metabolism!

Start in a squat position with your arms behind you, making sure that your knees don’t go past your toes. Use your arms to propel you straight up into the air. Bring your knees to meet your elbows in front of your core. Land softly on your feet back in a squat position.

Do 42 reps.

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