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To Highlight or Not to Highlight for Your Audition

Candace Kita is Here with an Audition Tip on Highlighting

When going on an audition, many questions arise on how you should prepare. Depending on the audition, there are many answers to those questions, too. One thing, however, is certain: keep your highlighting to a minimum when you audition.

There are four key areas to highlight on your face: your cheekbones, forehead, nose, and/or chin. When auditioning, you really don’t want your makeup to appear distracting, so it’s important to only highlight ONE of those areas to give it definition. After all, your audition should be about your performance, not about your makeup.

In this video, Candace recommends highlighting the cheekbones. That way, you still have a nice glow, but you are not glowing like a disco ball.



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