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Tips to Make Your T-shirts and a Few Mistakes to Avoid

There is no better way to share your creativity with others and also see them appreciate your style by spending some money on products designed by you. Here, we are talking about expressing your creativity on apparels, rather t-shirts. T-shirt designing is in vogue these days, and aside from channeling your aesthetic sense of art, it is even more gratifying because you also get to earn a few dollars from them.

T-shirt designing has become very popular, and this write-up deals with a few tips that can enhance your sense of style and fashion. Given in the paragraphs below are guidelines for the same.

How will you enhance your t-shirt designing skills by applying exciting techniques?

Conceive the idea

You have to work out the concept first mentally. Do not rush. Give time yourself. Best is to sketch the design, both in landscape and portrait. Take at least a few days. Leave the page on the desk and return to it after a while. You will realize how many changes you incorporate after that. After 2-3 days, when you think that this is what you wanted, go for it.

Detailing is a pre-requisite for better designs

Once you have decided upon the design, get into the details. Detailing also means that it has to be simple, uncluttered, and most importantly, the design must be able to convey your message across to your clients or if you are making it for a loved one on some special occasion. The mantra of success is to keep it simple without a chaotic appearance.

Take into account your target audience

Regardless of the design, styles, and message that you want your t-shirts to convey, make sure you remember the target audience. The age group to which your product is catering to is crucial. Make your own tshirts not just to sell but to promote your brand.

Common mistakes to avoid while styling t-shirts

Remember, the journey from the time you conceive the idea to the production phase, and then the selling part may not be cakewalk always. Follow the tips below to avoid a few pitfalls and to avoid hiccups. These are as follows-


Depending on the various sizes that you will be launching in the market, make sure the design suits well on all sizes. The resolution, clarity of images, detailing must be clear and well-conceived which must manifest itself in the t-shirt regardless of the size.

Placing the design

It is up to you to decide how you intend to put the design on the t-shirt. Placement matters and wrong positioning will hamper the design and the look of the t-shirt. As such, your efforts, time, and energy go into waste, which is not desirable.

In a nutshell, we can say that if you are planning to make your own t-shirt and want to take it up not as a hobby but business, there are many minute details that you must address. Also, the most important is to work out a balanced marketing strategy that will facilitate the sale of your products.


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