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Tips To Make Your Restaurant More Bohemian

“A Bohemian life, filled with poetry, it cuts like a knife, without coquetry!”

The famous line from Pierrot & Columbine (The Pierrot ́s Love Series) by Ana Claudia Antunes gives us an insight into Bohemian life. The term “Boho” and “Bohemian” have gained popularity over the years. Originally, Bohemians were the nomadic people belonging to the region of Bohemia in the Czech Republic. They follow a lifestyle that is free of any kind of inhibitions and  lead an unconventional lifestyle while traveling the world.

Today, the word Boho has a different meaning, but the core remains the same. It refers to the beautiful earthy aesthetics that are inspired by past Bohemian styles. While girls are leaning towards Bohemian fashion and decor for themselves and their homes respectively, even the restauranteers are thinking of more Boho-looking interiors for their places. A boho-style place should have a very relaxed and comfortable vibe, but at the same time, it should look bold and unconventional.

If you are someone who is looking out for a different and unique theme for your restaurant, then go Boho. Here are some of the ways you can infuse Boho-ness in the interiors of your restaurant.

1.  Play with colors and patterns

While thinking of painting the walls, you can experiment with different colors and patterns. Because that is what a Boho culture represents – a free-spirited nature. You can go for bright colors, neutral tones, or earthy tones and can pair them with different patterns like floral, paisleys, geometric, etc. You can also go for a different type of flooring that goes well with the boho-styled walls. It is recommended to have plain walls with patterned flooring or plain floor with textured walls because too many patterns and colors can be a killjoy.

2.  Try textured furnishings

There is something beautiful and unique about textured furnishings. The textures can add so many elements and playfulness to the space that will attract a lot of eyes. Furniture with rustic and textured finishing can make a lot of difference to the whole energy of the place. You can check out different furniture like restaurant chairs and tables that have a bohemian look. You can go for textured curtains, cushions, upholstery, rugs, etc. You can try layering them with plain textures, which will highlight them even more.

3.  Try thrifted pieces from flea markets

Thrifting is the best way to get unique stuff and save some bucks as well. Every city has some kind of flea market where you kind buy thrifted pieces of furniture or decor that goes well with your idealogy of decor. Also, with digital advent, there are many only thrift stores available where you can buy classy stuff at affordable rates. Thrifting can be considered an act of sustainability, as you get your hands on used products and find a purpose for them in your space. It would come as a surprise how many bohemian things you can buy on a budget from different thrift stores.

4.  Add some greens

There is no decor piece that can beat the beauty of some planters and creepers in your space. In the case of bohemian interiors, you can add as many plants as you want, and they will definitely complement other decor stuff in the room. Plants add so much freshness and life to any space with a pop of color. You can use macrame potters or wall hangings to keep your plant pots and vases that will add so much to the boho vibe of the place.

5.  Give a personal touch with your favorite art pieces

It is important to give the place a personal touch by adding your personal favorite elements. It is not necessary to give the space a perfect look; having some flaws will make the place easily relatable to your customers and clients and make them feel comfortable. You can add some of your favorite wall arts or simply take the printouts and get them framed. You can arrange them in any fashion, and they will amp up the space automatically.


Nowadays, restaurants have become so much more other than just food. People visit restaurants to spend some quality time with friends and family and have good food. And clicking pictures has become an important ritual for many of us when we go out to eat. That is why you can so see so many restaurants and cafes opening up with so many different themes. A Bohemian-looking restaurant will attract a lot of business because of its minimalistic and chic styling. The above-mentioned tips will help you create a space that will have a magnetic aura and a certain charm of Bohemian culture. The eclectic mix of colors, patterns, nature, and textures will help you create something so beautiful that people will want to come more often.

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