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Tips to Keep in Mind While Wearing a Corset

Corsets are a popular form of clothing and have a growing customer base, especially in the current generation. Being stigmatized as health hazards by many people, corsets are gravely misunderstood. As there is a lot of stigma around it, many people don’t know what happens if you wear a corset for too long for themselves or how to wear them properly.

But figuring out your corset size and requirements can be life-changing as there are numerous perks of wearing a corset or a plus size corset. So read ahead to find out some important things to know and helpful tips to remember while wearing a corset.

Step 1: Understanding what does wearing a corset does to help you

Men and women both have worn corsets for many decades. They were initially worn to provide back support to men and women and helped women uplift and support their breasts as well. One of the benefits of wearing a corset is that it ensured the wearer had an agreeable posture in just a few weeks. This popularized the use of corsets as necessary undergarments, especially for women.

Women are more likely to have a weak bone structure and breasts are naturally prone to sag, that is why corsets are quite helpful in supporting your back as well as your breasts. Along with the support and charm, corsets can be a jolly addition to your waist training journey.

Step 2: Buy a corset that is perfect for you!

Buying a corset can be quite tricky, especially for someone with no prior knowledge of corsetry. But don’t worry, here are some things to remember while buying the perfect corset for yourself:

  • Make sure you measure your natural waist size correctly first. The corset size is not always the same as your dress size, so don’t buy a corset based on your dress size as it could turn out to be quite ineffective.
  • If you want to wear corsets as undergarments but lacing is a little too complex and you want an easier option, you should go for options like corset belts and waspies.
  • Don’t buy corsets just because they look pretty, make sure you check skin compatibility as latex corsets could be harmful if you’re allergic.
  • Keep a clear idea of why and where you want to wear this corset and buy accordingly as there are many options to choose from.

Step 3: Figure out how to wear it perfectly

Now that you know how to buy the best corset for yourself, let’s take a look at how to wear a corset by yourself perfectly to avoid any mishaps:

  • Loosen the laces according to your convenience and wear your corset so that the laced area lies on your backside.
  • Don’t tighten your laces too much as they can cause trouble in breathing as well as cause bruises and rashes.
  • Start out by tying your laces in a moderately tight manner so your body gets accustomed to the corset.
  • If you feel any discomfort or problems in breathing, loosen your laces immediately to avoid any health hazards.

Tips to keep in mind while wearing a corset

Corsets can be very effective and empowering when you’re aware of their right use. You need to be cautious about when, where, and what kind of corset you’re wearing to ensure that they effectively help your body. Here are some tips to remember while you’re wearing a corset:

  1. Don’t wear your corset all day long, especially if you’re a beginner. Give your body rest as no matter how comfortable corsets are they are confining your skin to a frame. Make sure to consult a physician to figure out for how long you need to wear your corsets.
  2. Firstly, never wear a steel-bound corset to sleep. Many people think wearing a corset at night can be effective, but it could prove to be harmful. Your body needs to relax while you’re sleeping and wearing a tightly laced corset can cause many health problems.
  3. If you’re waist-training, one thing you should definitely avoid is exercising while wearing a corset. Corsets are tight and keep your body compressed in a frame, so exercising in this situation can cause breathlessness or suffocation. It could even cause back problems for some people.
  4. A really good alternative to tight lacy corsets that most people aren’t aware of is corset belts. They can be worn during workouts and are more suitable for people prone to skin irritability. And the cherry on top is that they increase perspiration and efficiently help your body in burning calories.
  5. Corsets are helpful in compressing belly rolls, so many women start wearing a girdle after birth. For pregnant women, overbust corsets are really good as they support the back and breasts and shape the waist. But try to avoid corsets that use a larger concentration of synthetic materials.


Wearing a corset requires a lot of care and it is important to understand the many consequences that come with not handling your body and corsets responsibly. Corsets are multipurpose clothing garments, but their use and the duration you wear them can impact your body either negatively or positively. Some important and helpful tips to remember while wearing a corset on your own is to take sufficient breaks, avoid wearing corsets while exercising and sleeping, etc.

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