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Tips to Create the Perfect Workout Plan for Your Body Type

Most of us exercise to get a toned physique. However, numerous factors will influence your workout program. One, in particular, is your body type. For example, some of you may lose body fat easily while others don’t. From there, you can pick the best exercises that can help you achieve your desired fitness goals. To give you a better idea, here are some tips to create the perfect workout plan for your body type.


People with an ectomorph body type have higher metabolic rates compared to other body types. If you belong in this category, you have a hard time gaining fat or muscles.

Most ectomorph women aim to gain strength. For this reason, an effective tip to create the perfect workout plan for your body type is to pick exercises that can help you build stronger muscles. Some highly recommended workouts for you are yoga, suspension training, and weightlifting. Compound exercises, like squats and lunges, are also effective muscle-building movements you can do to get a toned and curvy physique. In addition, long cardio workouts can break down your muscle tissues; thus, you have to limit doing these types of exercises.

Aside from that, experts recommend that people with an ectomorph body type must avoid exercising every day. One reason is that daily workouts can lead to overtraining and a burn-out state. The best way to build muscles is to have a short training session, preferably less than 45 minutes. Furthermore, working out three times a week is enough to allow your muscles to heal and rebuild itself. Making a few changes to your workout routine every six to eight weeks is a must to avoid a fitness plateau. Lastly, eating a balanced diet will also play a vital role in achieving a strong yet sexy body.


Curvy women are the best examples of an endomorph body type. However, a common problem for people in this group is that they have high body fat percentages. If you’re an endomorph, your main goal is to lose fat to reveal your slim waist or hourglass figure.

To create the perfect workout plan for your body type, you can focus on fat-burning exercises, like sprinting, jumping rope, and other high-intensity interval training workouts. Strength training can also help accentuate your curves and shed those unwanted fats. Remember, muscles need more fuel, allowing you to burn more calories. Thus, the best workout plan for endomorph is a combination of strength and cardio exercises.

Typically, a low-carb diet combined with foods rich in proteins and fiber can yield great results for endomorphs aiming to lose fat.
A rest day is also crucial to allow your body to heal itself.


Women with a mesomorph body type can easily gain muscles and don’t store much body fat, leading to a naturally athletic physique. Although women under this category can achieve their fitness goals without difficulty, having a well-designed workout plan can help you avoid looking too bulky. Thus, a great tip you can apply to create the perfect workout plan for your body type is to limit your weightlifting sessions to less than three times per week. Instead, you can try circuit training, a workout program that aims to develop stamina and strength without bulking your body. High-intensity cardio workouts are also beneficial to reveal your muscles and curves.

Basically, variation is a key to achieve continuous results when you have a mesomorph body type. Remember, most people under this category has a body that can easily adapt to their regular activities. A simple way to add variety to your routine is to change the order of your exercises. Of course, proper nutrition and a rest day are also essential to get your ideal weight and physique.

Always remember that each one of us has a unique body. So, your body’s response to a certain training program may be different from other people. Nonetheless, these tips to create the perfect workout plan for your body type can give an idea about the best exercises you can choose to help achieve your goals.


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