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Tips to Buy the Best Spring Jacket Based on Your Body Type

Spring is just around the corner, and it is time to trade your bulky winter coats for a lighter and thinner alternative. However, when buying a spring jacket, you need to consider your body type so you can highlight your best features. To give you a better view, here are some tips to buy the best Spring jacket based on your body type.


Women with an hourglass body type have a proportioned upper and lower body, and they have a smaller waist. To flatter this figure, it is best to choose a design with princess-fitting lines, allowing the spring jacket to highlight your waist.

Aside from that, you can also opt for a belted jacket to accentuate your waist. V-neck and wrap style jackets are also an excellent choice because they flatter your curves. As much as possible, you should avoid short or cropped jackets and those with excessive embellishments, buttons, and pockets.


Women with a petite body type are small. As such, one of the most common tips to buy the best spring jacket based on your body type is to avoid oversized designs that can cover your body. Plus, long jackets, specifically those that extend below your hips, must be avoided because they can make your legs look shorter.

If you have a petite body frame, your best options are cropped and fitted jackets, like a bomber jacket. These designs will not only add height but flatter your curves as well.


Women with an apple body shape have a large bust, a full midsection, and narrow hips. If you have this body type, you can accentuate your curves by opting for a mid-length jacket. Remember, you have narrow hips, and a mid-length jacket will make this feature unnoticeable.

Wrap-style or belted jackets are also great choices because they can create an illusion of a small waist. You can also wear jackets with vertical stripes to look slimmer and taller. As much as possible, you should avoid those with garish patterns because that can add volume to your body.


Women with a pear body shape have wide hips and narrow shoulders. Wearing spring jackets with shoulder pads will enhance your shoulders. Additionally, you can also opt for cropped jackets to avoid adding unnecessary volume to your hips. As much as possible, you should avoid peplum jackets because they can make your hips look bigger.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these are the most common tips to buy the best spring jacket based on your body type. By following these rules, you can avoid spending hours finding the perfect outerwear. Always remember that the right jacket design will not only make you feel comfortable. It can also make you look glam and fabulous.


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