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How to Choose a Hat for Your Face Shape

Your face is the first thing most people notice about you, and a hat will make a strong impression of you. It is important to know your face shape to figure out what kind of hat is for you, so it can compliment your style and help you feel confident to give you a fabulous look. Hats can be one of your best accessories to have.

Hats are stylish no matter the weather!

Hats are great for bad hair days if you are showing heavy hair roots, if you have frizzy hair and don’t have time for shampooing and blow-drying or styling. If the weather is good or bad, you can always wear a hat. Whether it rains or shines, a hat is there to protect you. Here, I have found some tips for different shapes of faces to help guide you to finding a hat for you.

Hats for Oval Face Shape

If you have an oval face, congrats! You have one face shape that can just about wear any hat.

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Hats for Elongated Face Shape

Choose a hat that fits close to your head, without a high crown. Avoid hats with little or no brim that fits low on your forehead. Get a sun hat, floppy hat, fake fur brimmed asymmetric luxurious style hat, and other large-brimmed hats. Pull hat brim down to your eyebrows.

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Hats for Square/Wide face

Look for a hat that is rounded with no angles. Choose a medium to wide brim with a bit of a flop to it. Wear high on the forehead with large earrings.
Get a round grace hat with a medium brim such as a Brixton hat, straw cowboy-ish wide hat, or pillbox style hat.

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Hats for Triangle Face Shape

Hats that sit high on your forehead. Angle brim. Try a newsboy cap.

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Hats for Round Face Shape

Off-set it with a hat featuring a high crown. An asymmetrical brim can also help give angles to a round face. Wear full and large hats with bigger earrings.

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Hats for Heart Face Shape

Heart-shaped faces are also very flexible in choosing a hat. You can style a straight hat where the crown is wider than your cheekbones, a style with an upturned brim to draw attention to your eyes, a square and high crown along with decorative details, or a riding style hat with medium rim. Avoid a straight brim that cuts the face in two.

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