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Tips for Preserving Your Kicks (from Sneakerhead Sensation Yaniv Bar)

If you’re truly mad about the sneakers you own and wear, you must know by now that they require some attention – especially when they’re sitting on the shelves. Like all types of shoes, kicks tend to wear down over time if not treated properly. However, keeping them in good shape is much simpler than it sounds. Don’t take our word for it, though. We asked Yaniv Bar, a rising star in the world of sneaker collection and commerce, to give us his five most valuable tips for sneaker preservation. So, whether you’ve got an impressive collection at home or just a few pairs you cherish, stick around – you can probably learn something from this master sneakerhead.

Meet the man behind the Instagram page everyone is talking about

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Yaniv Bar


Yaniv Bar, owner of the YankeeKicks brand you’ve probably heard of by now, admits that he only recently found himself obsessed with the kicks. “In 2016, only four years ago, I was in New York City and purchased my first noteworthy pair of kicks. I remember it like it was yesterday, a black pair of adidas NMD Hu. It was then that I knew I wanted my own private collection.”

How have you managed to become such a key player in the arena, in such a short time?

“Well, it takes a lot of stubbornness. Today it’s all about putting yourself out there on social media and I guess some of my competitors underestimated that.”

With almost 170K followers on Instagram, it is safe to say Bar knows a thing or two about sneakers. “Sneaker collection is just like any other hobby in that sense – it’s either you have the passion for it or you don’t,” he told us.

Preserve your sneakers the right way

Alright, Yaniv. Let’s get down to business. Share your secrets with us.

  1. Always keep the shoe clean, especially before putting it away. There are special polishes that won’t harm the color, but in some cases a wet wipe is enough. I say spend some cash on cleaning material but don’t go crazy, Sometimes the best cleaning products aren’t necessarily the most expensive ones.
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YankeeKicks sneaker cleaning kit


2. Keep your sneakers in containers. Boxes are nice for the short term, but a plastic container will keep them from the damages of time a whole lot better. And yes, it’s worth an extra buck to buy a container designed especially for kicks. You can find some even in our online store.

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Drop-front sneaker storage container


3. See those plastic thingies you got inside the shoes when you bought them? Don’t throw them away. If you know the kicks are going to be sitting around for a while, put them inside. They naturally help keep the shoe’s shape for the next time you do decide to wear them.

4. Know which shoes to wear and when. Some sneakers are designed for everyday wear, some for certain sports, some for different seasons and some are to be worn only on special occasions. Read a bit about each shoe you buy, that way you’ll know just how to treat it.

5. Display your sneakers. Be proud of them, and also give yourself the ability to get a glimpse at them every once in a while. That way you have less chances of forgetting when a certain kick needs to be used and when it’s time to give them special treatment…

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Acrylic sneaker storage containers


Why you need to follow sneakerheads on social media

In today’s world, it’s not enough to visit a sneaker store once every two weeks and subscribe to their monthly email updates. If you have a flare for the field, you need to check the pulse all the time. “The best way to really know what’s hot today is to check in on social media, and to do it often” says Yaniv. “I stay alert 24/7 (figuratively, of course) in order to keep my Instagram page up-to-date, so that’s why it’s considered a reliable source. Other than that, try to follow as much blogs as you can because that’s where you’ll be notified first about new models, important reviews, prices and offers, etc.”.

One last thing we have to ask: Do you see prices going down because of the COVID-19? “Well, I think that prices are not necessarily going to drop, since online shopping is a big thing and it hasn’t been harmed by lockdowns and regulations. I do believe that some brands are going to become more affordable – especially those in the lower price range to begin with.”

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