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Tips for Matching Jewelry to Your Outfit

We believe that an outfit is never really complete without accessories. They really tie the look together. The challenge, though, is how to choose the right pieces to achieve the results that you want.

The Right Earrings With Your Outfit

There are dozens of different earring types out there. That’s why we’re only going to focus on the most classic styles:

Studs. Want something that looks traditional and refined? Then go for studs. It is the type of (typically) small earrings that sits right on your earlobe. 

It’s a great go-to piece that can be worn daily or during formal events. It also matches those who have shorter hair.

  • Hoops. Another popular pair of earrings are hoops. They are traditionally circular in shape (hence the name), but they come in different shapes now. 

Choose a more delicate and smaller piece for a more classic effect, or you can go big if you really want to make a statement.

  • Dangling. Speaking of making a statement, dangling earrings are the way to go if you really want people to notice your ears. This type of earrings come in different lengths and sizes. 

Choose something that is made from precious metals or stones for a more formal look, or you can get creative with literally any design for more fun and casual aesthetic.

Pair Necklaces With Your Outfit

There are different kinds of necklaces with varying lengths and signature styles that going through all of them wouldn’t really fit the limits of this article. Hence, allow us to feature the most commonly used ones instead.

  • The Pendant Necklace. If you’re going to picture a necklace in your mind then this is probably the type that you’re going to think about. It is made up of only two design elements: the chain and the pendant. It is available in different lengths and pendant sizes. 

A good tip to keep in mind when wearing a pendant necklace, or any necklace type for that matter, is to match it with the shape of your neckline.

  • The Choker. Here’s another popular necklace: choker. As the name suggests, it is worn closely around the neck and comes in further sub-types determined by the style and materials used. 

We recommend wearing a choker if you’re going to wear a top with a low necklineーor something that wouldn’t choke the choker or get caught in it. Feel free to layer it with other types of necklaces as well for more visual interest.

  • Gold link chain. The gold link chain is an ideal option to make your casual work outfit look stylish and trendy. Wear a white shirt, blue or black jeans, your favorite heels and a classic blazer. Finish your look with a stylish gold link chain. The result will be fascinating!
  • The Bib. The two previous necklace types are known for their simple charm, but what if you’re going for a look that needs a little bit of spicing up? 

Aptly named, the bib necklace can serve as a good accent piece. It is constructed with a wide detail at the front that sits just atop the collar bone and extends downward.

We love wearing bibs for strapless tops, or those that will frame the necklace with a sea of skin. 

Matching Bracelets With Your Outfit

Bracelets are probably one of those types of jewelry that can be quite challenging to match if you’re not used to wearing them. We believe that you can never go wrong in investing in metal pieces. 

Gold bracelets for women are an absolute classic and will never grow old. You can even layer different pieces together to show more personality

Just take your wrist size into account when choosing them. Chunky pieces usually look better on wider wrists while more delicate pieces are recommended for thinner ones. 

Accessorize With a Ring

The same rule applies when choosing rings. A chunky ring would not be that comfortable on a small finger, after all. 

For a more formal outfit, choose a classic style like a simple band. Or you can go all-out on a chunky signet-type if you need an accent piece. 

It’s also interesting to do a little research on how the meaning of a ring changes according to which finger you chose to put them on.

Consider the Occasion

Aside from the style and look of your outfit, please consider the occasion that you’re dressing up for as well when choosing the right pieces of jewelry to wear.

The Right Jewelry to Wear to Work

Simple and classic pieces are great to wear to work. They show that you have a more polished state. For instance, wearing a pair of studs or small hoops that match a delicate pendant necklace will look appropriate. 

The Right Jewelry to Wear to a Dinner

Depending on the type of dinner you’re attending, we usually prefer to dress to impress for such occasions. Hence, this is a good time to bring out your glamorous pieces as long as they look sophisticated and not gaudy. 

The Right Jewelry to Wear to a Night Out or Party

You’re out to have some fun so you can relax a bit when choosing your jewelry. You wouldn’t want to wear more expensive pieces, though, especially if you’re going to be drinking, dancing, or simply moving a lot. 

The Right Jewelry for Special Occasions

Finally, this is the perfect time to wear pieces that mean a lot to you. Heirloom and vintage jewelry, for instance, can reflect your life story. Just remember the tips we have shared above when it comes to choosing and matching pieces. 

Consider the Colors

Now that we have determined the right pieces, we can move on to choosing the right color. It’s best to keep your skin tone in mind when doing so. Those who have a cool skin tone would look better wearing silver or stainless steel pieces.

Meanwhile, those who have a warm skin tone would look better in gold or bronze.

Beyond metals, we advise you to just coordinate the colors of your attire with your jewelry. You can also look into the psychology of colors to learn the meanings that each piece might evoke.

To Sum up

It’s not always easy to choose the right type of jewelry to go with an outfit. There are different types of jewelry out there to choose from, after all. However, we do hope that our article has given you an idea of how to match pieces according to the look that you want to achieve. 

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