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Tips for Improving the Curb Appeal of Your Home Before Selling It

If you are trying to sell your home or increase the value of your home, adding that extra bit of curb appeal can be a great approach. Curb appeal is the external attractiveness of your property. As it creates an impression on the visitor of what’s inside, improved curb appeal can generate instant interest in your property, and can help you sell your home fast and for a greater value, whether you’re selling to individuals or home buying companies like Fair Cash Deal. Here are our tips for improving the curb appeal of your house:

1. Spend an Hour With a Pro

Hiring a design consultant for an hour can be an excellent investment when trying to improve your home’s curb appeal and value. Both local realtors and designers can help assess your home and provide you with innovative ideas for enhancements.  While most realtors would be happy to help, you may be required to pay a consultation charge to designers. These improvements, as small as painting up a wall or adding decorative pieces, can instantly help uplift the appeal of your home.

2. Paint Your Home

Painting your home is a cost-effective method to enhance its exterior, as a standard gallon of paint costs only around $25. However, the results can change the entire outlook of your place.  A freshly painted house looks clean and updated, appealing to potential buyers. It can also give your home an illusion of being brand new, making potential buyers agree to a higher price for your home. We recommend choosing neutral colors to give your home a neat, timeless, and minimalistic look.

3. Fix the Roof

Alongside the condition of your ceiling, the outlook of the roof can considerably affect your home’s price. You may not get good offers if your roof is faded or has missing or damaged shingles. You can either fix it or replace it entirely, where installing a new roof has a return on investment of 109%. Patch up your roof if you want a good price for your house. We recommend choosing a neutral-toned roof, which can help balance the look of your exterior. It is also vital to choose one with good quality and a long lifespan so that it stays in shape.

4. Clean Up the Yard

Keeping a fresh and well-maintained lawn can instantly boost your home’s curb appeal. It is essential to trim grass and overgrown bushes with time and replace them with leafy plants. Get a few easy-to-maintain flowers to add color to the place. Greening up your grass with lawn food and regularly watering it can help maintain a fresh appearance of the lawn and your house.


Improving your home’s curb appeal can instantly make a great first impression on prospective buyers. You can quickly improve your home’s curb appeal by seeking a consultation from a realtor or an exterior designer who can closely access your home and give you expert advice on what needs to be changed. You can paint your home, clean up your yard, and even fix your roof to add a fresh look to your home. These practices will surely enhance your home’s value and compel the prospect to pay a higher price.

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