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Time to Take a Vacation

Taking a vacation is a healthy and relaxing way to reclaim your life. There are many benefits to finding the time to take a vacation. Here are just a few:

Live Longer

Studies say that those who take regular vacations are much healthier than those who don’t. It is important for both mental and physical health. Vacations temporarily relieve stress and offer peace of mind. This is important for the body. By clearing your mind from the everyday to do list, it helps relax the brain improving your mental health. Calming the brain will reconnect you to what’s important in life. It gives you the time to reevaluate and reflect on your life goals. Also, by calming the brain you can enjoy the present moment. You know the old phrase “Stop and smell the roses“? Most of us are too busy we forget to enjoy the moment. Take the time to embrace where you are present moment and do some soul searching on your vacation.

Help Strengthen Bonds

Want to revamp your relationships? Spending time with loved ones in a different setting can help strengthen your ties with them. Just by being in a different environment, it can alleviate the regular tension of your relationship with them. You can get to know them on a deeper level with some quality time and conversation. So speak up!

Recapture Your Childhood

As adults we have so many responsibilities we forget to play. Think about it, when was the last time you went out to play? Whether we are young or old, we need time to play. Vacations help you get in touch with your inner child. Find some fun things to do on your vacation that will make you smile and feel alive again. Get out there and explore the child in you.

Creative Inspiration

As a writer, inspiration speaks to me in different ways. As I was sitting on the beach, I was inspired to write about the health benefits of a vacation. Had I not taken a vacation, I probably would have not written about this topic. Being in a new environment stimulates the mind and enhances our thinking. The break from reality will refresh your brain cells. It just takes one thing to stimulate your creative mind that will fire up your motivation when you do come back home to work.

How to Take a Vacation

Now that I have inspired you to take a vacation, here is how you can plan your next escape.

Create a Vacation Fund

Every time you get paid, take some money aside and put it in a vacation fund. You can treat this fund like a regular bill. Before you know it, you will have some fun money to get away.

Set a Vacation Goal Date

Just like setting fitness goals, set a vacation goal date. Look at your calendar and find a realistic timeline for your next get away. This can be used as a motivating factor to work hard because you can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Don’t Plan Every Minute

Vacations shouldn’t be about stress. After planning your vacation, take in account what you will be doing. Take time to enjoy your destination. Have a general schedule of what you would like to do and don’t forget to schedule in some “me” time.

Leave Work At Home

In today’s work obsessed culture combined with the advances of technology it is easy to bring work on vacation, which defeats the whole purpose of going on a vacation. Try to leave your work at home. If you have to bring it, schedule in work times on your vacation so that it doesn’t interfere with your relaxation time. If possible, leave your phones or laptops in the hotel room when you do your fun activities and dinners. It will help you from being distracted that way you can enjoy the present moment.


What if you are short on cash and time? If you can’t do a vacation, do a “staycation”. A staycation is a vacation in your home area. Due to the poor economy these days, staycations are on the rise. A staycation can be a real vacation if you do it right. The point of a staycation is getting out of your regular everyday routine and environment to relax. You can still experience new things in your home city.

The bottom line is that we need to take some time from our busy lives to regroup. So take a little “me” time to energize your zest for life again.


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