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Thomas Beatie Gave Birth to 4 Children as both Father and Mother

The World’s First Pregnant Man is Thomas Beatie from the United States who was a woman a few years ago. He was born a girl in Honolulu and was a pretty cute kid: Tracy even became a finalist in the Miss Hawaii Teenage Beauty Contest once. However, after being Tracy for over 20 years, she decided to take hormonal therapy to change her sex. She explained her decision by the fact that she has been feeling like a man since she was 10 years old. Before her thirtieth birthday, Tracy underwent sex reassignment surgery, but her internal reproductive organs remained intact.

After the surgery, Tracy became Thomas and met a woman named Nancy. He fell in love with her, and soon the couple got married. Both wanted children, but Nancy’s health prevented her from having a child. It was then decided that Thomas, who had kept his ovaries and uterus, could become pregnant through artificial insemination while stopping taking his hormonal pills. And after the first labor that was successful for both father and baby, Thomas Beatie gave birth to two more children, carrying them in his womb.

Their family life lasted nine years, and then Nancy and Thomas decided to split up. However, the process of getting a divorce took four long years due to contradictions in the legality of their marriage. It turned out that by getting married, they had broken the law: before the wedding, Thomas did not confess that he was actually a woman, and at that time, same-sex marriages were not allowed in the state of Arizona. Eventually, the couple divorced.

Shortly after the divorce, Thomas fell in love with Amber, a teacher who worked as a headmistress at the primary school where the man took his children. Amber reciprocated, and the couple soon got married. After several years of living together, his wife became pregnant and gave birth to a son. Thomas is very happy because he always wanted to have a big family.

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