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This Wine Purifier Will Restore Wine to its Natural Taste

For all who enjoy a glass of wine from time to time, it’s time to celebrate! Why? A recent study conducted by the Clinic for Aging Research and Education claims that people who drink two glasses of wine or beer a day tend to live longer on the whole than those who didn’t. In fact, according to this study, drinking in moderation actually lessens your chance of dying prematurely even more than exercise.

With this in mind, it’s important to know that it’s healthier and tastier to purify your wine as you drink it. You might not realize this, but most wines contain sulfites. What is a sulfite? A sulfite is a compound that contains the sulfite ion.

Vineyards add sulfites to your wine to act as a preservative. While it may be important to have the preservative in the wine originally, when you go to drink it, the preservative has served its purpose and is no longer needed. When removed, the wine has its original intended taste. Think about it as adding preservatives to juice. The fresh-squeezed juice always tastes much better than the juice with additives.

Knowing that, it makes sense why the wine world is raving about
Üllo Wine Purifier. Üllo seems to be the most advanced wine purifier out there. It both filters and aerates your wine in one easy pour, removing the sulfites and instantly restoring its natural taste, making your wine fresher and much more crisp.

It uses “Selective Sulfite Capture” technology and combines it with an adjustable wine aerator, placing the two within a single unit, making it revolutionary for all the wine lovers out there.

Two glasses of wine daily combined with exercise is a great formula for longevity! Sounds like a plan to us!

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