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This Supermodel is an Inspiration to All Women

This inspiring supermodel just might surprise you!

Like many other supermodels, Madeline Stuart’s life is full of luxury and excitement. She travels the world, photographers are clamoring to take her photo, and she is living the life of her dreams. In fact, she was just at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London doing a glamorous photo shoot! And what is remarkable about this shoot is that St. Paul’s Cathedral normally doesn’t allow shoots. After all, this is where Princess Diana was married!

Even more so magical and inspiring is the fact that Madeline has Down’s Syndrome. You might remember that Princess Diana’s goddaughter, Domenica Lawson, also has Down’s Syndrome. So, one of Madeline’s heroes has always been the Princess.

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Madeline always dreamed of being a model. Some of her goals she has already attained including a Vogue Australia feature, Marie Claire The Netherlands feature, and modeling all over the world!

In fact, she walked both the London and Paris Fashion Week shows this year. In addition, you might have seen her in Forbes, Woman’s Day, and Cosmopolitan Magazines.

She’s already on her way to becoming a great star, but what is on her list of things to accomplish next? Well, none other than a bikini photo shoot! Madeline said she wants to inspire others to believe in themselves. She said, “I hope I can inspire them to be healthy, to love themselves, and have faith in themselves. To know they are capable and beautiful just the way they are. I hope that my success can show them that anything is possible if you work hard and never give up.”

What great words of advice from a beautiful girl who is not only a supermodel, but living the life of her dreams.

Way to go, Madeline!



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