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This Solution Will Allow You to Wear Heels on Any Terrain

High heel protectors to extend the life of your favorite high heel shoes

Saves heels from sinking into grass, mud, cracks and grates
Discreet & re-usable
Stylish storage pouch included in every package
Made from durable, recyclable plastics

Are you sick of worrying about hurting your heels at your destination? These high heel protectors could extend the life of your favorite high heels by preventing them from sinking into grass, mud, cracks and grates.


They are called HEELS ABOVE.

What are they? They are a little invention that allows you to walk on grass without your heels sinking into the soft dirt and ruining them or breaking an ankle.



How great is this, a way to walk on grass in heels?! It’s like walking on water, or just feels that great! The perfect item to use for outdoor weddings, country clubs, romantic picnics, and more!
And, not only do they help you walk on grass in heels, they are also useful on other surfaces, like gravel or uneven surfaces. They are made from durable, recyclable plastic and
they arrive in a discreet reusable storage pouch.


It comes in 2 different colors, white (clear) and black, and are made of recyclable plastic.


Here is the information quoted from the website about these heel helpers:

“Heels Above stylishly protect and stabilize your high heeled shoes, keeping you above surfaces like grass, grates and cracks that can damage your shoes and slow you down. Ideal for outdoor weddings, special events and everyday life, Heels Above is a small flexible piece of recyclable plastic that attaches easily to your high heel shoes, and are simple to slip on and off. Available in two different sizes that fit most heels, the grip fits snugly around each heel without damaging the shoe or detracting from the style of the stiletto. Heels Above keep you from sinking into grass and from getting stuck in sidewalk cracks by increasing the bottom surface of the heel. Each individual package of Heels Above comes with two different sizes of the product and a fashionable pouch to carry them around in your purse. There’s no reason why every woman shouldn’t have a pair of Heels Above on them at all times!”


Buy them here!

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