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This is Why All the Girls Love Justin Timberlake!

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Justin Timberlake is as hot as ever and here’s why!

Ever since you first laid eyes on him, you’ve been obsessed with Justin Timberlake!
Even Simon Cowell said that Justin stood out of NSYNC and referred to him as “the one with the curly hair”. And indeed, his super curly blonde hair and boy-next-door looks have made Justin a favorite to millions of adoring fans all over the world!

Today, he’s referred to as a pop icon and is not only a singer, but also a songwriter, producer, dancer, actor and businessman.
He’s also a known humanitarian who gives openly to the charities that he supports. So, let’s take a look at some of Justin’s best looks both on and off the red carpet.
He’s the guy you want to take home to your parents for sure!

Justin’s smile is infectious and his laughter lights up the room!

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