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This Gadget Will Let You Know if You’re About to Sunburn

This could be a real game changer.

Spring and summer are around the corner and a new product called UV Sense is hitting the market to aware consumers of their sun exposure to prevent damage and a future sunburn.

UV Sense is a wearable device that tracks your skin’s exposure to sun damage. It’s a small circle that is two millimeters thick and nine millimeters in diameter. It’s meant to be worn on your thumbnail so it looks like nail art! This wearable is waterproof, indicates both UVA and UVB rays, and lasts for two weeks. After this time, UV Sense also comes with more adhesives so you can reapply it for later use.

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UV Sense was designed alongside Swiss designer Yves Behar and will be made available later this year in your local drugstore and also in doctor’s offices. The price has not yet been finalized.

This is not the first of its kind. Microsoft has Band2 and Ultra has created Violet. However, UV Sense is the first tracker to be battery-free. Instead, it is solar powered and connected to an app on your cell phone. The app transfers the data from the wearable to your phone and tells the user when they have had too much sun exposure, need to reapply sunscreen, or should retreat from the sun.

Also, you can track your sun exposure over time. In addition, the dashboard of the app will feature local weather statistics such as the temperature, UV index, air quality, and pollen levels.

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Does this wearable device sound like something you’d need to wear? Or are you already a sunscreen fanatic? Let us know!



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This Gadget Will Let You Know if You're About to Sunburn



This Gadget Will Let You Know if You're About to Sunburn

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