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This Fresh Twist On 90s Glam Will Have You Dominating Instagram

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The 90s glam was full of unforgettable hair and cosmetics trends. In light of this, we thought it would be fun to take a trip back in time to the decade that established cosmetics trends. Doing so might, perhaps, lead to new ideas or, at the very least, alleviate some longing for the past.

Moreover, it’s impossible to have “old trends” in the realm of makeup. We used to look down on certain makeup trends, but nowadays they’re all the rage. The good news is that some of those beauty trends are coming back, and we are not unhappy.

Drippy, anti-establishment appearances and ideas were hallmarks of the ’90s glam, along with little effort in makeup looks, dark tones, undone hair, and a lack of pretension. As a generation grew up ogling supermodels in Calvin Klein advertising, rave culture gave us neon and dramatic eyeliners. Smudged eyeliners were also a thing back then!

Here are some makeup looks that we have collected for you featuring 90s glam perfectly. Have a look and drool over it!

This Fresh Twist On 90s Glam Will Have You Dominating Instagram 1
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Photo By @olgadann/Instagram

Graphic eyeliners, strong eyebrows, and glossy lipstick were all staples of the 90s makeup look. Get this look with our new modern twist on 90s glam!

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