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This Artist’s Zodiac Makeup Looks Will Make Your Jaw Drop

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Your zodiac sign can not only tell many things about your character but can also help you make better choices based on these traits. For instance, you can choose makeup looks based on your zodiac, hair color that best suits your sign, or use your zodiac to find a vacation destination that you’d enjoy the most. If you’re into astrology, you can use your zodiac sign to make more informed decisions in every area of life. Or, if you’re super talented like the Norwegian Instagram star Sarina Nexie, you can use astrology as a source of inspiration to create art. This outstandingly creative makeup artist has published zodiac series on her Instagram profile, consisting of 13 jaw-dropping zodiac makeup looks. There is a zodiac-inspired makeup look for each sign, so scroll down to find yours!

Aries ( March 21 – April 19)

zodiac makeup looks - aries
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Photo By @sarinanexie/Instagram

Although Sarina describes herself as “your average Norwegian,” her talents are far from average. A look at her Instagram feed and you’ll be amazed – this young lady creates wearable art with makeup.

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