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These States Topped the List as the ‘Most Fun’ in the U.S.

Summer’s almost here and you may be wondering where to head to on your next vacation. Just in time to help you decide, WalletHub released their list of the most fun states in America. Each state was ranked from most fun to least fun, based on a number of different factors identified through intensive research. Comparisons were drawn across two main categories— “Entertainment & Recreation” and “Nightlife.”

These categories were then divided into 26 further metrics such as the number of attractions, ideal weather, variety of arts, entertainment & recreation establishments, movie theaters per capita, shoreline mileage, beach quality, nightlife options per capita, music festivals per capita, time of last call, and average beer and wine price.

The study produced some interesting findings. If you’re someone who enjoys exploring national parks and other outdoor activities, head to states like South Dakota, North Dakota, or Montana. Colorado or Montana are ideal if winter sports are your jam. If theaters, casinos, and nightlife are what you seek, New York and Nevada may be more up your alley. Looking for gorgeous beaches and natural beauty? Head to Hawaii for your dose of fun.

Overall, these states emerged as the top five most fun destinations in the U.S. and we hope you find some time to visit one of these destinations this summer.


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San Francisco

The Golden State has vibrant cities where you can enjoy a wide range of different activities. Whether you’re an early morning hiker or nightlife seeker, there’s something for everyone in California

New York

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The Statue of Liberty in front of Manhattan

Thanks to its sheer size, New York probably offers more diverse experiences than any other state. You can enjoy the city, its unbelievable food options, and Broadway shows on one day, or drive out to the Hamptons for a weekend beach getaway. The study also found that the state has the most theatres per 100,000 residents.


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Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas is the first thing that comes to mind when people think of Nevada. But the state has much more to offer than nightlife and casinos. It is a place of incredible natural diversity and offers fantastic opportunities for outdoor activities. Come for the food on the strip, then head out for a hike in Red Rocks Canyon.


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Florida is well known as a popular vacation destination with its many gorgeous beaches, caves, amusement parks, and other attractions. There’s plenty of fun to be had whether you’re with a group of friends or family.


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Illinois rounds out the list of top five fun states, thanks to its high rankings in both the primary categories. It has plenty to offer locals and tourists alike—culture, road trips, sports, shopping, and outdoor adventures.

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