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These Patterns Will Be Trending in Summer

Now that warmer months are just around the corner, most of you are probably waiting for this year’s summer fashion trends. As you know, bright and bold colors will be in this coming summer. Aside from that, some patterns and prints will also be in this upcoming season. To give you a better view, here are some prints and patterns that will be trending in summer.

1. Floral

Floral is a spring staple, but this pattern will still be trendy this summer. Instead of romantic florals, you’ll see some large floral prints inspired by 1980s fashion. So, this summer’s floral patterns will have a vintage vibe. Plus, you can also expect to see a lot of floral dresses, skirts, pants, and swimsuits this upcoming summer season.

2. Fruit Stripes

Stipes is one of the most common prints and patterns that will be trending in summer. Like floral, this pattern has been used a lot. The reason is that it has a minimalist yet appealing design. However, this upcoming season, you’ll see stripes made of bright colors – just like a rainbow. Fruit or colorful stripes can be a bit bold, but you can subdue it by wearing black trousers and denim jeans.

3. Watercolor and Tie Dye

As you know, a lot of 1970s trends are making a comeback this year. One, in particular, is tie-dye. This pattern is perfect for this upcoming summer season because of its bold and bright colors that radiate warmth and happiness. Plus, it has a vintage vibe that is trending this year.

Aside from tie-dyes, watercolor prints will also be trending this summer. Compared to tie-dyes, this pattern is a little bit diluted with a blotchy effect. So, if you’re ready to upgrade your wardrobe this summer, you can try this colorful pattern.

4. Checkered

Finally, the last on this list of prints and patterns that will be trending in summer is checkered prints. Like most items on this list, the checkered print has been around for years. However, instead of the classic black and white checkered pattern, you’ll see more colorful and fun patterns – the perfect theme for the upcoming summer season.

Overall, these are some of the prints and patterns that will be trending in summer. Most of these patterns are now available in your favorite boutiques, you can start preparing your wardrobe for the coming hot and sunny days.


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