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These Party Hairstyles Will Make You The Star of The Show

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Basic hair is not allowed during the party season. You can get away with a simple pony as you rush to work every day of the year. But not ahead of the festive season, when it’s all about being bold, expressive and creative. In a time when glitzy hair accessories are trending, it’s easier than ever to achieve a statement hairstyle without long mirror time. You might think you have enough time until your first-party event, but it’s not wise to leave your hairstyle until the last minute. In the middle of gift shopping and wrapping chaos, it’s easy to let your hair fall flat. We sourced the ultimate party hairstyles that are much more than your average blowout, so you can pin, save and recreate. Scroll down to dive into big party hair inspo.

party hairstyles
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Bedazzling your hair is a thing in 2019. Those ’90s-inspired hair accessories have initially started the maximalist hair craze. Instead of real accessories, hairstylists are now creating mesmerizing hairstyles by gluing tiny decorative elements on clients’ hair with wig glue. You can get away with simple styling, but you’ll sure need some extra mirror time to stick these rhinestones.

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