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These Modern Takes On The 90s Rogue Streak Will Brighten Up Your Look

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Tight schedule? Not ready to commit to a high-maintenance dye job? Not ready to give up on your current hair color? There’s a solution! Meet the trending rogue streak that will transform your look with very little effort. An updated term of this 90s look is the “money piece,” a face-framing color placement that can do wonders for your appearance, especially if you are bored of the same old hair color you’ve been wearing for a while. We gathered the chicest modern takes on the 90s rogue streak for you to switch up your look without the commitment.

modern takes on the 90s rogue streak
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Photo By @lisadoeshair/Instagram

Whether you want to go all-in or stay in the neutral zone, the 90s rogue streak will spice up your look. The original aesthetic involved getting a chunky light blonde highlight on a darker base. Nowadays, the rogue streak comes in various forms, even in a multicolored rainbow face-framing detail.

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