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These Effortless Summer Updos Will Give You a Chic Look

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It’s that time of the year when hair down is not an option. It’s a bit challenging to keep your locks free under the summer sun. Luckily, multiple effortless summer updos can give you a chic look. How to spice up your go-to messy bun? How to elevate your everyday topknot? Scroll down to find out fresh ways to reinvent your hot-weather look. Below, you’ll discover the prettiest summer updos that require minimum mirror time.

effortless summer updos for chic look
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Photo By @kaitcurnow/Instagram

Leaving a few pieces of hair to frame the face will give you a seductive look. It’s still that perfectly messy, undone look, but better. A few details will take this topknot from lazy couch style to work and party-approved look.

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