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There’s A New Luxury Vegan Shoe Collection in the UK!

A new vegan footwear brand has launched in the U.K. No One’s Skin is a sustainable vegan luxury company dedicated to make handmade, high-fashion shoes for women. The pieces that are part of its first collection include kitten heels, wedges, ankle sandals, pumps, and boots; all of these are available now online.
The company strongly boycotts any kind of animal-derived materials, referring to leather and fur as “primitive products of the past,” according to LiveKindly. Instead of the common animal-based materials, No One’s Skin works with an “abundance of new, innovative and sustainable materials made from plant-based polymers with naturally renewable sources, grains, seeds, and recycled fibres which have exquisite properties.”

Consumers are in the mind of the brand, since for them they “deserve to have the best vegan footwear; the best is when it is not detrimental to our environment, when it doesn’t support the horrific massacre of our animal kingdom.”
The London-based company was started by Ivana Basilotta, who grew up feeling very aware of her responsibility toward animals and the environment. The designer is vegan and she had been feeling a growing concern in regards to the limited availability and few options of vegan footwear and accessories.
For the creator, her main idea is to make vegan options available in all places, from the restaurant to your closet. Basilotta sees fashion as a way to promote her believe in the vegan lifestyle and as a form of valuable encouragement for ethical consumers to “Move your thoughts for change towards the things you would like to see in your designer shoe stores. If you can’t see NO ONE’S SKIN vegan cruelty-free shoes ask for them, write an email to the buyers, and suggest your favored cruelty-free designer brand.”
The move towards sustainable and cruelty-free practices is something that people in the fashion industry have taken into consideration very seriously, especially designers and fashion houses that are confronted with the horrendous realities of fast fashion. In recent years there has been a powerful trend of major fashion designers dedicated to boycott fur, including high fashion brands such as Versace and Donna Karan. Even Forever 21 decided to stop selling clothing with mohair.
Here’s hoping for a future where the fashion industry as a whole decides to put a stop on animal cruelty and works towards a better world.


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