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The World’s Largest Garden in Dubai Needs to Be Added to Your Bucket List

What does the world’s largest garden look like?

Since the beginning of time, flowers were seen as a symbol of beauty. In fact, the early Egyptians were flower arranging back in 2500 BC! Now, flowers are seen as a symbol of hope, love, friendship, abundance, beauty, happiness, and a zest for life. Feminine beauty has often been celebrated with lovely flowers that symbolize purity, innocence, and faithfulness.

Today, we all still love flowers and enjoy admiring their refined beauty. So we wanted to know where the world’s largest flower garden was located.

The largest flower garden in the world is located in Dubai! The Dubai Miracle Garden is found in the Northwest quadrant of the Arabian Ranches interchange. This is a well-known tourist attraction and actually holds the record for the “Largest Vertical Garden” in the Guinness World Book of Records!

This stunning garden has over 45 million blooming flowers and it has achieved several different color combinations with 45 different types of flowers! These 45 million flowers are shaped into spectacular flowerbeds and archways that are heart-shaped and are used to adorn castles.

The garden itself sits on 18 acres and is seen as an oasis in which city employees can visit to escape the pressures of daily life.

The Dubai Miracle Garden also changes the garden on occasion so guests visiting will get a fresh, new experience seasonally.

What do admirers come to view? Well, the heart-shaped flower beds at the Alley of Hearts is extremely popular. And other popular exhibits include the UAE flag, clock, apples, animals, boats, windmills, peacocks, and even a Ferrari all made from flowers!

These flowers are imported from all over the world to create these amazing designs! In fact, there is no limit to the human imagination here as plants and flowers are shaped to grow over towers, doors, turrets, and walls to create an oasis Miracle Garden for all to enjoy.



Delight in
A Garden of Kisses and a Heaven of Flowers




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