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The World is Opening Back Up: Are We Ready?

The world is opening back up. Are we ready for this? Many people are thrilled at the idea that society can flourish again with everyone back out of their homes and back into the real world. But many are afraid, questioning the idea- should we be opening up? In fact, with a rise of COVID-19 cases immediately after the “Stay at Home” order was lifted, many places are debating the idea of closing again. Disney has already pushed back their opening of the Disneyland Resort.

For the Economy

For the economy, the short answer is, “yes”. We should reopen for our economy’s sake. Retail sales fell 8.7% in March alone, and that was before everything was completely shut down. This caused the largest retail sales drop since 2008. With sales plummeting, the rest of the economy is mirrored here. Stock prices went down. The housing market is expected to drop 5-15% in total. The economy needs to get back on its feet soon to prevent a major crash; so, for the economy, opening back up seems rather necessary.

For our Health

For our society’s overall health, opening back up doesn’t seem to be the best idea, but his can easily be fixed with good practices. We need to be smart and cautious, staying 6 feet from everyone at all times. We need to be wearing our masks until a vaccine is finally created for COVID-19. The problem with this? Most people are already ignoring the rules, assuming they are above them, as they feel that they are safe. So why wear a mask? This is silly. It doesn’t hurt you to have a piece of fabric over your face. Find a stylish mask you feel comfortable in and wear it! Be sure to follow updates from officials and do what they say to protect yourselves and others. If we can follow the rules, stay 6-feet from others, and actively wear our masks and wash our hands, this re-immersion into society can go much more swimmingly.

So, yes, the re-opening of society is a scary thing with the idea of an uncontrollable virus out there. But in the end, life must go on. So, we need to do what’s best for the economy while also taking precautions to keep ourselves healthy and safe. So, listen to officials, don’t be afraid to go out if you are doing things the right way, and let’s stay in this together!


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