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The VIVA GLAM Guide to Layered Necklaces

When it comes to accessorizing, we’re often advised that less is more. We’re told to always remove the last thing we put on, right? Well, when it comes to the trend of layered necklaces; we’re actually told to add a couple more. Layering necklaces is a trend that has been around for ages, the rules simply change. Layered necklaces can either be extremely understated or give a bold statement that ends up being the star of the show. This is definitely a trend where you can have some fun and go for a wild look, while it can work to add some simple elegance to your style. Whichever speaks to you more, we’re here to provide an ultimate guide to layering necklaces. We’re here to tell you how, when, and how many: just keep reading!

What You’re Working With

Before we go any further, it’s important to know what you have to work with. If you’re looking to really get into layering necklaces then you should know the different length options you have

From the collar to the rope style, necklaces clearly come in many shapes and lengths whether they fit into these categories or not. The trick when layering is to never have more than two necklaces at the same length. The ultimate long layered necklace look (which we’ll cover below) will have at least one of each of the above categories. As long as you have more than one of the lengths, you’ve got a layered necklace look!


If you’re slightly curious about the trend and want to give it a little go before completely committing, then this is ideal for you. Even if you’re well versed in necklace-layering, this style is still a classic. It’s pretty straightforward, just add a single necklace!

With the simple layered necklace, you’ll want very fine chains that look weightless. It’s also best to stick to simple jewels or perhaps a simple circle like the photo above. The trick is to add a necklace slightly longer than the first to give you the layered effect.

Mix & Match

While sometimes you can go for a uniform kind of look where the many necklaces follow a theme, layered necklaces also popularly mix and match as many different styles as possible! As we can see with the photo below, mixing three very different necklaces actually ends up coming together and looking as though they were meant to be paired together!

It’s all about seeing the bigger picture and figuring out what unlikely combinations can actually work together. An easy rule to follow is to have one shape, a jewel, and another shape or a charm. You can even switch things up and have one necklace with beads- this actually works amazingly to bring the look together!

Mix Metals!

Once you’re comfortable enough to get creative, an easy way to switch things up is to mix metals. Add a couple of more necklaces and balance out some silver with some gold, even throw in some rose gold!

Whoever said mixing metals is not cute had no idea what they were talking about! When done right, the mixed effect adds some edge to your layered necklaces!

Go For Length

This option is perfect if you’re going for an outfit with a very deep neckline! Layering longer necklaces with shorter ones can really complete the outfit and fill all of that empty space.

You can begin with a simple princess length necklace and add necklaces that hang lower and lower until you reach a point you’re most comfortable with; this can stop mid-cleavage or even go all the way down to your belly button- it’s up to you!






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