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The US Cities with the Hottest Men

As you know, one woman’s view of a hot guy is different from another woman’s idea. So, how can we measure hotness? Aside from good looks, women also look for other key qualities such as personality, intelligence, ambition, good health, and financial stability. Another important quality is a man’s ability to take care of himself. This includes keeping his hair and facial hair trimmed at all times. This guide by Wisebarber has a great selection of the best hair clippers that will help also double as a trimmer. Make sure you get the right one so you can keep yourself groomed at any moment.

With these qualities in mind, we dug through numerous surveys to find where the hotties live. Here is our list of the US cities with the hottest men.

1. Manhattan, New York

When it comes to fashion and finance, Manhattan is top on the list. Aside from being attractive, men in this city are also stylish go-getters. Even though most of them are passionately driven, they know when to take a break and enjoy the city’s nightlife. Overall, males in Manhattan have desirable qualities such as looks, personality, and financial stability.

2. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles has a reputation for being superficial and vain; however, citizens from this city have substance. In fact, they are among the healthiest people in the country because of their active lifestyles and healthy eating habits. Plus, only a few people smoke and drink in this city. For this reason, Los Angeles is among the top US cities with the hottest men.

3. Cambridge, Massachusetts

Men in Cambridge are considered hot not only because of their high IQs. This city also has low rates when it comes to heavy smokers and drinkers, so they are also health-conscious. Combining all these traits, Cambridge men are definitely among the hottest, smartest, and sexiest males in the country.

4. Seattle, Washington

Washington is one of the fittest states in the country. As such, it is not surprising that you’ll see a lot of sexy men in Seattle. Aside from that, they also have the looks, personality, and style to match their toned bodies.

5. Miami, Florida

Florida is known for its serene beaches, and there’s no way you won’t see a shirtless guy with a toned body and defined jawlines on the street. Plus, Miami nightlife proves that men in this city know how to party – with class and confidence. With these qualities, it is without a doubt that Miami is among the US cities with the hottest men.

6. Provo, Utah

A lot of unhealthy habits can negatively affect the appearance of a person. For instance, smoking can cause wrinkles and balding. The great news Is that the city of Provo has the lowest rate of heavy smokers and drinkers. Plus, more than 40% of men in Provo have a professional degree. As such, guys in this city possess desirable qualities, such as good looks, a physically fit body, ambition, and intelligence.


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