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The Ultimate Guide to Create a Travel Video Like a Pro

Do you love traveling? Are you a great storyteller? If your answer to both questions is yes, you should seriously consider travel blogging as a profession! 

To share your travel blogging experiences, you need a travel video. If you don’t know how to create one, don’t fret. We have the perfect solution for you, a comprehensive guide to creating a travel video! Interested? Read on to know what it takes to be a travel video pro with a step-by-step guide. 

How to Create a Professional Travel Video

Follow these steps to create an amazing travel video: 

Start With a Compelling Story

A successful travel video needs a strong storyline. If you have thought of an interesting story, be sure to weave that into your video. 

Follow these tips to start devising a storyline:

  • Story format: Like any engaging story, make sure you have an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Visual Interest: To hook the audience, start with high-quality photographs of the place you are visiting. Once you have attention-grabbing images of the destination, your viewers will know what to expect from your video and have higher interest levels. 
  • Unique Information: The sights and sounds of the place are the best ingredients for your story. Include clips of your friends on the trip while they enjoy themselves at different locations to give the video a natural feel. Remove portions you don’t need with a video editor and edit the compiling video.

While most of the ‘popular spots’ are covered by most travel videos, share a ‘unique experience’ with your viewers. It could be a shop, food, or a natural attraction like a waterfall you discovered on your trip. Provide important information viewers need, like clothing, stay, and more, that help in travel planning. 

The clips and the voice-over for your video need to be well integrated to ensure a smooth flow. Add to the engagement quotient of your video by summarizing your trip and adding a few useful tips, from budget deals to free stuff. 

Visual Effects

A great source of generating ideas is travel videos on YouTube. Go through all the travel videos you can and learn about the video flow. Find out what information these travel videos don’t provide and try to improve your presentation so that your video stands out. 

Here are some ways to improve the visual quality of your video:

  • Understand the general idea: Try to follow the structure of a video you liked. It’s possible that other viewers would also find your video appealing. Don’t follow them frame by frame, but try to extract the core idea of the video. 
  • Shots need to be planned: Planning your shots is important. Decide the angles and the distance of the shots before you start the actual shooting. You can improve the quality of your video using an online video editor.

Creativity Counts!

Remember you are making the travel video with a goal. Your objective is to keep the audience engaged with a creative story through your video. If your story is not interesting enough, viewers will move away since their attention spans are low. 

The secret to a winning travel video is keeping the important shots and removing the ones that don’t add value. Your focus should be on the central theme, the destination, and any excess footage should be removed using an online professional video editor.   

The video should cover things that a traveler would look for.

This includes the following:

  • Architecture
  • Food
  • Culture
  • Other unique features of the destination

A video that has information on the lifestyle, history, and unique traditions of the place is likely to improve viewer engagement. The destination should be the focus, not you.

Professional Editing is Essential

You cannot compromise on editing. Just as the quality of the video and audio is important, so is the editing. Different online platforms make editing a hassle-free experience. 

How to benefit from online editing portals? Here’s how:

  • Templates: These platforms offer tons of templates you can choose from. This saves time since you don’t have to create your video from scratch. Of course, you have the option of designing your own template too.
  • Resources: You are spoilt for choice with the huge database of photos, videos, and music tracks offered by these sites. You can customize each resource as per the needs of your travel video for the best results. 
  • Editing Tools: You can edit your video with a variety of tools. Several of these programs even allow you to edit your video as you create it. If you have a team then you can use professional online video editor tools for your video creation process.

Enable Sharing

To expand your following, enable sharing videos on different social media platforms. Viewers should be able to share your video easily so you can reach as wide of an audience as possible. 

Bonus Tips!

  • Use Trivia: Viewers are interested in trivia about the destination, so be sure you do your research about the amazing facts about any place and include them in your video.
  • Highlight your personality: This is your video, so while it should not focus on you, your views about what the viewer can expect should be clearly stated. If you recommend a tourist attraction, it should reflect your thoughts and not the information that can be easily obtained online. 
  • Share the Local Flavours: Include everyday scenes in your video, like people enjoying a meal at a roadside cafe, a bird in its natural habitat, children playing at a park, or simply local currency being exchanged. This helps viewers identify with the place rather than just concentrating on the popular spots that viewers can find online.
  • Keep Changing Angles: To avoid making your video look monotonous, film each frame from different angles. From eye-level to filming knee down, variety is what viewers must get. The choice of angle would depend on what captures the subject in the best way.
  • Short is Smart: Since the average attention span of adults is just 8 seconds, ensure your videos don’t go on for more than 3 to 5 seconds. Another option is to create a master video that is a combination of smaller videos instead of one long video. 
  • Plan the Ending: An abrupt ending is a disaster for any video. Also, your total video time should include the CTA or Call-to-Action and be planned accordingly.


Travel buffs are continuously looking for informative travel videos so that they can plan their itinerary. If you can create an engaging travel video, you’ll surely enjoy higher traffic and more revenue. Start planning and creating travel videos today!

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