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The Ultimate Fit Guide on Women’s Slides

No doubt slides add comfort and style to your feet. Finding the right fit and most comfortable slides for women is not just relieving, but it saves you the stress of having to return them. Finding the right slide size for your feet entails knowing your size and making efforts on your side. Whether you buy your slides online or offline, ensure you buy the right size, as that can help prevent foot problems or help if you already have one.

On the other hand, buying the wrong-sized slides can result in pain, discomfort, and predispose you to certain foot conditions. It is imperative that you get slide-on shoes that are not too loose or too tight to avoid any form of discomfort.

What are the signs that your Slide shoe is too small or too big?

They leave your heels protruding over the back of the slide.

  • If they are too small, your feet may not even slide in and out effortlessly.
  • If you insist on wearing them, they may cause your feet corns or calluses.
  • They’ll cause you pain and discomfort.
  •  If they are too big, they can cause you to trip while walking.

Ensure that you buy black slides of a size that fits your feet. As a guide, the whole of your foot should comfortably sit in the sole of your slide when standing upright.

Rules To Go By When Buying A Slide On Shoe.

You will find this guide very helpful when buying not just slides but any other shoe you need.

  1. Ensure you purchase your women’s slides at the end of the day when your feet are their largest.

2. Do a regular measurement of your feet. Because, as you age, your foot measurement changes. Then when trying your shoes on, try the largest foot first.

3. Buy slides that are fashionable and suit the shape of your feet as your comfort is everything. Don’t be too carried away by your supposed size, as in some instances, it may not fit you perfectly.

4.  If you have a foot condition, buy a slide that will help soothe it rather than just anyone.

5.  Make sure to walk around the shoe store to help you make out if you are comfortable in the shoes.

6.  Your shoe size should not be your ultimate guide or reference. Go with one that your feet feel comfy in. know that there should be a space of half an inch between the big toes and the front of the shoe.

7. Ensure the soles are durable and good enough to protect your feet from sharp objects and be sure they provide cushioning effects for your feet?

8.  The widest part of the shoe should be a perfect home for the ball of your foot.

9. In case you are using arch support or any heel lifts, try your new shoes with them on so that you know if you can use your heel lifts with your new shoes.

10. Put on the type of socks you would love to wear your slide-on shoes with when testing it.

11. Be sure that the slides have no labels, materials, or tags that could serve as irritants to your feet.

How Should Your Slides Fit?

Because we know that buying a slide that fits you perfectly may not be easy for most women, we came up with this fit guide to help you get the best and most comfortable women’s slide. This guide will enable you to know how your slides are supposed to fit so that you don’t end up with a strained or cramped foot.

 Most importantly, get a slide with a sole that accommodates the whole of your foot. It will give you stability, support, and help absorb shock as you are walking. The best women’s slides have arch support and a comfy footbed. Your heels or toes should not be overhanging at the front or back of the slide to avoid hurting them.

Also, ensure there is a distance of about half an inch between the edge of your slide’s sole and your feet. It will help prevent you from hitting your feet against anything while walking. Ensure that you can comfortably move around with the slide. Do not buy a slide-on shoe hoping that it will expand with time before you will be comfortable in it. Make sure they are not too tight or too loose.

 How to Measure Your Feet for comfortable Women’s Slides?

Research has shown that between 60-72% of study participants wore shoes that were not a fit for the length and width of their feet. The study went further to confirm that indeed wearing an incorrect size can cause foot disorders. Getting the right slide is possible and here is how to go about it.

  • Get a pen, measuring tape, and a large enough piece of paper.
  • Place the large piece of paper on a flat part of the floor and place your feet on it.
  • Using the pen, trace the area around each foot, which is known as the perimeter. If you cannot accurately do this yourself, find someone to help you do the tracing.
  • Use the measuring tape to find out the width and length of your feet. The width of your feet is the part that is the broadest. Conversely, the length is the distance from the tip of the longest toe to the edge of your heel.

Be sure to take this measurement in the evening when your feet have fully expanded. Also, you may discover that one of your feet could be larger than the other by half a size. Do not freak out, take your measurements once more to be sure. After getting your slide size, you may go ahead and compare it to a footwear size chart for women.

Buying the best women’s slides that fit you perfectly is not just comforting, but it is also healthy for your feet. These slides fit guide is for you to go through and save you from buying slide-on shoes that will either be too big or too small.

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