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The Top Tourist Spots In Riyadh, The Capital Of Saudi Arabia

Riyadh is the capital and largest city in Saudi Arabia, a country in the Middle East. It is a fast growing city that has become the financial and industrial hub of Saudi Arabia. This city is located in central Saudi Arabia near Mecca and Medina, near the Red Sea coast and the Persian Gulf, and is known for its beautiful beaches. This location makes this city a perfect place for tourists from around the world to come and visit Saudi Arabia. This city and its people are rich in expertise, culture, and tradition, which are famous worldwide. This city is unique from other cities, including the cultural atmosphere, beauty of its landscape, rich religious practice, and well defined economic market.

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1. National museum of Riyadh 

The National Museum of Riyadh was the first museum established in Arabia in 1999. Al-Wadi Park to the north and al-Madi Park to the east surround it, making up the entirety of the eastern side of the National Museum Park. It is a part of the King Abdulaziz Historical Centre. Its exhibits include Stone Age artefacts, Ancient artefacts, Islamic artefacts, and everyday items such as coins, hand tools, musical instruments, and others. This museum has been recently upgraded and expanded to display artefacts found throughout Saudi Arabia.

2. The Diplomatic Quarter Parks 

It is a complex of parks that was developed along with the Diplomatic Quarter. The goal was to provide green space and recreational facilities for foreign embassies and their staff working in Riyadh. Several parks within this complex include the National Museum Park and Masmak fort. The Masmak fortress is an archaeological monument that tells you about the history of Riyadh.

3. Old Diriyah 

This archaeological site is at the foot of Jabal Al-Qalaih, near Diriyah cemetery. The site is believed to be more than three thousand years old and is home to dozens of monuments dating from the Bronze Age through the Hadi period. The site is close to the Royal Palace and is one of the best known sites in Riyadh.

4. Red Sands Flower Fields 

It is a small desert area near Diriyah cemetery in Riyadh. It has walls, huge rocks, and a deep pool of water. It can be found on the way to the Historical Museum Park. It is famous for its beautiful colours and the diversity of plants. It attracts thousands of local and international visitors every year.

5. Sahara Mall 

It is a new shopping mall that is located in Saudi Arabia. It has several restaurants, stores, and other services to offer. This mall combines the convenience of a modern lifestyle with the traditional flavour of the Middle East. This mall has over one thousand parking spaces and a theatre which is popular among the locals and visitors from other parts of the world.

6. The Edge Of The World 

It is a rocky plateau located north of Riyadh and extends to the Red Sea area. It falls below sea level at specific points, and it offers a great view of the city on clear days. This place is home to several restaurants and cafes that provide great food, drinks, and traditional music. The Edge of the World is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Riyadh and has been attracting thousands of visitors worldwide each year.

7. The King’s Forest 

It is a forest that is located inside the King Abdulaziz Historical Centre. It is a place where people can go for leisure and relaxation and has also been used as a filming location for movies and advertisements. The forests are home to many animals, including monkeys, deer, snakes, birds, and other animals. There are several places in this forest where you can take short hikes with your family or friends.

8. AL Masmak Fort

It is a fort built during the late Mamluk period in Saudi Arabia. It lies about seven kilometers southeast of Riyadh and extends to Diriyah cemetery. Many stories have been told about this fort, including its role in fighting attacks from the Hijaz and its location, which provided a great view of the city. The fort has been used as a filming site for commercials and movies.

9. Kararah Lake 

This lake is located about 12 kilometres east of Riyadh. It is one of the largest water reservoirs, about 70 meters below sea level. The lake has a volume of about 180 million cubic meters and presents beautiful scenery due to its fresh water and clear blue colour. It has water rich in minerals and a great variety of fish. Green trees and rocks surround the lake.

10. Wadi Hanifa 

It is a mountain range between Riyadh and the mountains of Diriyah. This area has been used as a filming site for movies and commercials. This valley has been famous for its beautiful landscape and freshwater since ancient times. It is home to many different animals, including birds, deer, and other animals. The water from this place is used to irrigate thousands of acres of agricultural land in the surrounding area.

11. Al Faisaliah Centre

It is a project started by King Fahd and is located in Riyadh. This center was built to study and explore learning, culture, heritage, and history. The cultural activities here include opera performances, conferences, cultural events, slide shows, lectures, and exhibitions. The total area of this center is about one million square meters, with a lake in the center surrounded by trees.

12. Red Sand Dunes 

It is a desert area in Diriyah and extends to the Red Sea area. Several places are popular among the tourists, such as beautiful picnic sites and cliff-like rocks. This place has been used for filming movies, commercials, and other events. It also has several attractions, including the rocky plateau at the center, where paintings that date back more than two thousand years ago have been discovered.

Riyadh is known as the city of opportunities and has attracted many visitors from different parts of the world. A visit to this city will allow you to explore its fantastic landscape, meet the local people and enjoy the additional services it offers. You can choose Riyadh airport car rental services for better convenience. You will also have a fantastic time when you explore Riyadh with family or friends.

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