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The Top Three Happiness Apps

You’ve heard the expression: “There’s an App for that”, and it’s really no joke. Apps exist for convenience, entertainment, to solve problems, to streamline processes, and even to make us happy. There’s no doubt about the fact that we as a whole rely on our smart phones and computer technology significantly more than we used to, and so one might deduce that they’re a huge part of keeping us happy. In fact, there are some happiness apps that exist solely to help users maintain or find happiness. What are they, and how do they work?

Gratitude Journal

Have you noticed your mindset when you’re at your happiest? If you pause to take a mental inventory, you’ll notice that your spirits are high when you’re giving, and when you’re grateful. The Gratitude Journal will assist in re-shaping any outlook and shifting focus from what we don’t have to what we do have by allowing users one distraction free entry a day which they can record all they are thankful for in that day. The app features a beautifully designed interface that makes the journaling a pleasant experience. It’s within days of using the app consistently that users find with an attitude of thanksgiving, life is much, much sweeter.


Happiness is found in the calm of a mind at peace. The Calm app is a simple mindfulness meditation app that is proven to bring more clarity, joy and peace of mind to users’ lives. The app features daily programs that provide meditation techniques geared specifically toward improving sleep, and reducing stress – two facets that are vital to happiness. Relaxing sounds and scenes transport users to a tranquil place during meditation, even amidst a chaotic schedule. There are three different styles of meditation offered in the app: 7-21 day guided meditation programs, unguided meditation sessions, and brief guided meditation sessions that last up to twenty minutes. If you’re caught up in the chaos of life, set aside some time to calm in meditation with the Calm app.

Couple, the Relationship App

Love is a huge part of maintaining happiness throughout life, though sometimes that part of life falls by the wayside, especially in light of technology. Consider how many missed opportunities you’ve encountered because you’ve been staring at your phone instead into the face of your spouse. Couple, the Relationship App, is an app completely dedicated to your relationship. How? It’s a password protected app that both you and your significant other only have access to on your respective phones. In the app, you can text, send video and pictures, as well as fun drawings, all in the name of flirting and intimacy without fear of someone else (like a child) seeing it in your general text messages. Not only is it a great, private avenue for romantic communication, it’s a record keeper for you in terms of important dates (think: birthdays and anniversaries); both parties in the couple are notified with reminders leading up to the important dates to ensure that no occasion is forgotten. Keeping that spark alive is imperative for a happy relationship, and Couple is the app that allows you do to that.

Don’t miss out on these opportunities to enhance a happy spirit! Download Couple, Calm and Gratitude Journal today to keep your mind, body and spirit centered on what’s important!


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