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The Tangerine Aesthetic: Why Orange is in this Fall

This fall, more and more women are setting aside their neon-colored outfits. Instead, they are opting for the classic autumnal colors, specifically orange. As you know, this shade has a reputation for being bold. In fact, by wearing it, you will not only grab attention. You can also make a statement. Aside from that, there are numerous reasons to wear orange this fall. So, why is orange trending this fall?

Reasons to Wear Orange this Fall

1. It’s Autumnal

As you know, orange is associated with the color of pumpkins and drying leaves. Aside from that, this bold shade is also linked to Halloween. Because of these reasons, orange has become a favorite color for autumn. In fact, a lot of people wear orange because of its association with the various festivities occurring this fall.

2. It’s an Energetic Color

One of the reasons to wear orange this fall is because it is an energetic color. As mentioned, autumn is the season when various festivities occur. Of course, wearing an outfit that exudes excitement and enthusiasm will add fun to your parties or holiday gatherings. Plus, orange is associated with vibrancy and playfulness. As such, wearing it will show that you are ready to have fun in the various fall festivities.

3. It’s a Happy Color

Aside from being an energetic color, orange is also associated with positivity and happiness. As such, it is the perfect shade you can wear when you’re attending different parties and festivities.

4. It’s Spiritual

As you know, Buddhist monks in Southeast Asia wear orange robes because of their association with religion and spirituality. To be specific, this color is linked to simplicity. Plus, it signifies letting go of material things.

Remember, fall is the harvest season, and the best way to show that we are grateful for all the blessings that we receive is by wearing something positive and spiritual, like orange clothes.

Final Thoughts

Overall, orange is trending this autumn because of its association with the various events or festivities occurring this season. As you can see, there are several reasons to wear orange this fall. So, if you think that it is too bold or daring, always remember that autumn is the time to celebrate and have fun. One way to show your excitement and happiness is to wear orange clothing.


Best Occasions to Wear Orange

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